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AZ’s Draft Day Mock

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Ultimately I think we’ll trade down a bit in the 4th to get another pick but not projecting that here. This is a stand pat mock. 

3- CB Justin Layne, Michigan State - The CB Draft boards are a mess with evaluations all over the place so projecting any specific player here is difficult. CB is our top depth need IMO and I am not nearly as high on Toliver as many of you. With great size and sufficient athleticism, decent but not ideal ball skills and with enough rawness to his game to keep him from being a top prospect, I see Layne as both a guy I think will be there at 87 and a good fit to be a 2020 starter for us opposite Fuller and a top depth/ST contributor in 2019 who should be capable if injury forces more immediate action in 2019. 

4- RB Mike Weber, Ohio State - The value for RB in this draft is in round 4 IMO. I think the top guys are gone by 87 and the next group is very comparable grade-wise. Weber is average or better at everything and should be an immediate role contributor to a rotation and though he may ultimately top out in that role in time I see that as his floor with upside as a potential 1a in a rotation. Opinions on him differ greatly, but IMO he’s a skill set comp with Mike Davis, who I think is a solid player and a great scheme fit, with Weber having a bit more speed.

5- EDGE Porter Gustin, USC - Positive Adderall test at the combine aside, I like Gustin’s game. He’s a high effort player with pass rush specialist upside who is already a strong run defender. I see him as coming in for 2019 as OLB 3/4 with a comparable skill set to Lynch but with upside as a complimentary long term option opposite Mack when Floyd (likely) becomes too expensive to keep after 2020.

7a- TE Caleb Wilson, UCLA - Our immediate need at TE IMO is a depth one behind Burton who can stretch the field in a Move TE role with long term upside to potentially replace him down the road. We have depth behind Shaheen in Braunecker as our inline TE. Wilson offers that with 4.56 speed with which to stretch the field down the seam. He’s a receiving TE only but he was highly productive in that role as a 1st team all PAC-12 performer last year, and there is plenty of upside while also obvious need for skill set development and weight room work. 

7b- WR Johnnie Dixon, Ohio State - At this stage of the draft you’re looking for traits. Dixon has elite 4.41 speed and scored 8 TD last year averaging 32 yards per score, which is incredible. With that, he’s a one-trick pony at this point on offense. Immediately he has role player value as a legitimate deep threat. He also has experience as a gunner on ST and as a KR. 4 years of that at a rookie minimum contract is a great value. 


QB Trubisky, Daniel

RB Davis, Cohen, Weber, Nall (Patterson)

WR Robinson, Miller, Gabriel, Patterson, Dixon, Wims

TE Burton, Shaheen, Wilson, Braunecker

OL Leno, Whitehair, Daniels, Long, Massie, Coward, Larsen, Sowell

DL Hicks, Goldman, Nichols, RRH, Bullard, Williams

EDGE Mack, Floyd, Lynch, Gustin, Fitts, Irving 

ILB Smith, Trevathan, Kwiatkowski, Iggy

CB Fuller, Amukamara, Skrine, Layne, Toliver, McManis

S Jackson, HHCD, Bush, DHC

K Whoever wins the competition 

P O’Donnell

LS Scales

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Would love Layne but no way I see him getting out the 2nd round...Weber would be a let down in the 4th...the last 3 picks would be pretty solid.

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