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the not hugh freeze school/pac 12 conference/chaos/vandy(?) fan thread


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4 hours ago, catcheryea said:

Yeah they blew it? But why is Mama involved in this at all? I know we call them kids but get them off the nip. These parents need to take a step back. Sure talk to your kid and help them make the decisions they feel best for them, but why are you going directly to teams with this stuff? The kid can do it themselves. And why do they also always feel the need to talk to reporters?


I just wanna know the basic question about this whole redshirt situation, and how they’re going forward with not just Asa but with other players

Why does she need to know that? And why can't plans change as the coach seems fit, maybe in consultation with the player? And why does she have ANY business about knowing the situation going forward with other players?

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9 hours ago, catcheryea said:

i mean if that was part of the recruiting pitch i can understand why she would be upset. it’s not like they realized their mistake and then he got more snaps. he just stopped playing.

There is a difference between being upset and saying she wants to know the plan going forward for her kid AND other kids.

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