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Future be Danged...

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I truly think this is a make or break year for the Quinn and Patricia.  So I say go all in on Day 2 and get talent and make the run right now.  The Future is now!!

With that said here is my crazy, there is no tomorrow, day two and three mock.  Enjoy

43. Greedy Williams CB LSU.  Will shut down the other side of the field and gives us the long CB that we like to have in our Tool box for a number 2 CB.  Teams will run about 20 Jet Sweeps and outside zone towards him to start his career which will be his "welcome to the NFL" moment.  He'll quickly learn he has to tackle and that concern will be over.  He'll bulk up with NFL training and will go down as a draft steal.


Lions trade their 2020 1st and Theo Riddick to Miami for pick 48.  Miami is building a surplus for next year to get their QB. 

48. Cody Ford. RG Oklahoma.  Mauler.  Will plug in as our starting RG day one.  Has a low first round grade so all we are doing is spending it a year early.  (back up option Eric McCoy)


Lions trade with their favorite trade partner NE.  Lions trade their 3rd, 4th and 2020 3rd for pick 56.

56. Deebo Samuel WR South Carolina.  Inside outside WR that can start and rotate in day one.  Starting KR.  Class is deep at WR and he slips and scoop him up.  He completes our WR core for now and the future.

146. Mike Weber RB Ohio State.  Will be part of the rotation and add depth.  Will take over the number 2 RB role next year full time.

184.  Jimmy Moreland CB James Madison.  Slightly undersized Ball Hawk.  Will complete and probably win the Dime spot.

204. Bryce Love RB Stanford.  Speed.  Speed.  Speed.  This is a stash player for next year that brings an element that we don't have at RB: PURE SPEED.  He will be a homerun hitter that joins the rotation.

224.  Easton Stick QB North Dakota State.  Developmental QB.  Probably a practice squad guy.

229. Tyre McCants WR/TE South Florida.  WR to TE convert.  Has a chance to be a Charles Clay type Flex TE.  Probably spend a year or two on the Practice Squad.


And there you have it!!!  Well what do you think?  Too crazy?  Not crazy enough?  Or just crazy enough to work?  Let me know what you think.


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As much as I like Ford, I wouldn't even ponder that trade.

But, if somehow, someway, we came away with Greedy, Ford and Samuel, I'd be excited. 

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