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Bucs draft OLB Anthony Nelson - SIGNED

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1 hour ago, MSURacerDT55 said:


Yeah. Nelson was my favorite DL prospect in the class relative to the media projections of where they were ranked.

When Chandler Jones was drafted, a lot of people (partly because of his long body type, partly because he was seen as not "speedy" enough, and partly because of the Patriots tendencies) assumed that he was supposed to be the next Richard Seymour and play 5-tech. But with Jones, there were flashes of speed-to-power in college where he looked like a terror off the edge. And the Pats cultivated that natural athleticism - he didn't get much bigger, he played with better bend more consistently and learned how to use his length to his advantage.

Nelson is in the same boat, he gets pigeon-holed as a power player, but he flashes really great quickness and bend. I think a team that develops him as a base DE, and doesn't try to bulk him up and turn him into more of an interior player, will be rewarded.

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