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2019 Fourth Round Pick (#113) - Justice Hill - RB - Oklahoma State

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NFL.com Scouting Report

Hill is an undersized but excitable runner with a go-go tempo that can work for and against him on any given series. He runs tough along the interior and has the vision and agility to slip tackles, but his lack of size and explosive top-end play speed could work against him. Hill might not have the skills needed to handle third-down duties, so he could be pigeon-holed as a try-hard backup with average upside.
  • Consistent play and production in all three seasons
  • Feet have good life and runs with a wide base
  • Willing to keep runs play-side in search of daylight
  • Limber hips to balance and recover against contact
  • Fast decision-maker on the move
  • Able to slam on brakes for sudden cuts from a full sprint
  • Shifty in the open field
  • Tight, rapid spin move to rid himself of a tackle
  • Runs like his hair is on fire and fights hard against the tackle
  • Has access to sharp, lateral cuts to bounce the run wide
  • Outstanding ball security with just five career fumbles
  • Undersized by NFL standards
  • Running style is frenetic and lacking tempo
  • Tends to crowd the running lane unnecessarily
  • Will careen off of his own blockers in the middle of his run
  • Doesn't elude punishing blows in open field
  • Some wasted motion open-field movements and jukes
  • Paces too quickly and fails to run tacklers into blockers
  • Top-end speed appears marginal
  • Linebackers can cut off his angle to the corner
  • Just five carries of 30+ yards in 2018
  • Gets steamrolled by size in pass protection


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I really like Justice Hill as well. Thought we would go with Bryce Love in the 4th, but apparently the Redskins had other plans.

That said, both players have some similarities and Hill does offer less workload on his frame. He’s going to be every bit the explosive 🧨 option in the backfield. It’s been awhile since I’ve gone to the tape on Hill. But I remembered I was high on him in the process at one point.

On a random note it wouldn’t shock me if in a few years we’re talking about replacing Earl Thomas with Justice Hills younger brother, Daxton.

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Yea, I liked Justice Hill throughout the process. Not going to whine or knock the pick just because it’s not the exact pick my amateur brain wanted. 

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