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Pick 128: Tony Pollard / RB / Memphis

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On 2019-04-28 at 7:46 AM, cromagnum said:

Sound like they drafted this guy more for kick returns then anything else. Doubt he gets to many touches on offense. 

McClay and Chris Hall said on the draft show that they expect him to get about 30 snaps a game 

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I love this pick. I feel like he will be Tavon Austin's Shadow (a much bigger one). 

So, looking at Beasley and even Ryan Switzer, they are 'true' slot technicians - timing and precise route running are key to unlocking their upside. 

Pollard and Tavon are more explosive, relying on speed and space to make plays.

I think the Pollard and Tavon skill set goes with Dak's play style better. (One of the things that made him and Dez a bit incompatible.)

Dak is patient and expects clean throwing windows, as he is risk averse. His mobility also plays into the Tavon/Pollard skill set more. Getting skill players going side to side, both in pre-snap and post-snap situations, paired with Dak's ability and threat to run also gives those guys extra value in our offense. 

Basically, Pollard is Tavon Austin's backup and I don't expect much from him this year other than to learn - unless (or shall I say until) Tavon goes down. This is fine, though, as Tavon will fulfill the role described above. But now we wont have J Lewis filling in when injury strikes. And we can expect to be in a great situation next year when Pollard has a year under his belt and Tavon is gone.

TL;DR - He brings speed and explosiveness a la Tavon Austin, and can specialize in Austin's role behind him, learn and ultimately be a key gadget piece and special teams player on our team.

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^^^ I think Austin is going to be competing for a job with Pollard.

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