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so what would you grade the draft? (Poll added above OP!)


Grade The 2019 Draft  

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I agree... Wesco went like right before, and we had to get someone for the room.  IDK what the deal was, but Gentry is going to take a lot of time to get right.  EVEN if he starts at #3 and gets a bit of PT, he won't be ready until mid-season at the EARLIEST.  This means that Grimble 1 play away from starting until then.

Maybe we dress one more WR as addressed on another thread.  Maybe we go more spread and less 11 or 12.  Maybe we find the TE the Lions are about to cut since they drafted two TEs.   Maybe whoever finishes #2 in the RT race (Feiler, Hawkins or Ekorafor) becomes the new blocking TE.

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@ 3rivers : 

Nice thread! I was just thinking that we needed something like this.  Here's my grades for each pick and overall grade.

Overall B+ to A-.  I completely agree That a draft is graded as an A or INC until we see how everything plays out in a few years.

1. Devin Bush  ILB - - After missing out on all of the first and second round prospects of 2018, the Steelers got "their" man in 2019.  I am usually not a fan of trading two or three players to get one (especially a rookie), however, this kid fits what the Steelers do and need. They drafted need and BPA here. Jumping ahead of the Bengals to get him was an A+ alone. Grade A+

2. Gave up pick as part of Devin Bush compensation.  We hate losing this pick, but the Steelers also did not lose two #1's.  That is important going forward.  They swapped 2019 #1's, gave up pick 52 and prayerfully anywhere between the 30-32 pick of the second round next year. While it would have been sexy to try to move up in round two to get a shot at Greedy, Rock-ya or another player with a low first round grade, they also didn't lose future draft picks and stuck with the board.  Waiting for 22 more picks in round one, 32 picks in round two and one in round three (55 of the top 100 players).  I am a fan of getting as many of the top 100 players as you can in the draft.  My question is would the Steelers have been better sitting  put and drafting a CB, TE or even over-drafting Hybrid Safety Darnell Savage and one of those other 55 players we missed? Time will tell. Usually one top ten blue chip player should top two top 64 picks.  B

3 A. Dionte Johnson WR - - I get that he is an AB or Emmanuel Sanders type of WR.  We also are not finished with the James Washington draft pick from last year.  I would have liked a shot at some of the bigger name WR's taken in round two, he was not grossly over-drafted and probably would not have had a shot at him with their second #3.  Bryant and Coates aside, the Steelers have done a tremendous job drafting WR's during the Colbert era.  Staying put and potentially drafting Hollywood Brown would have spelled more drama for this team. They have a player who can simply come in work hard, develop and while I don't believe that they can replace all that AB did on the field, the off the field and locker dysfunction is gone.  Grade A to A-

3 B. Justin Layne CB - - The Steelers draft scouts certainly spent some time and had high marks on the midwest players in Ohio and Michigan.  After missing out on a player like Greedy Williams, they got someone similar in size and body-type,  but probably a little more effective for their style.  High grade and marks for value and need. I would not have been disapointed if these picks were switched, but they got both players and gives the third round a very high grade: A+


4. Benny Snell Jr. RB - - I thought that this pick was early and like some have mentioned after missing out on the kid at TE fro Tex A&M, I probably would have gone Foster Moreau from UCLA. A few years ago, I thought the Steelers over-drafted James Connor a bit, but I also knew he would be a solid pro if given the chance.  I feel  the same way here about Snell.  I love his swagger and I think he checks all of the good teammate boxes. This is like arguing whether I prefer Vanity or Apollonia (for those of us who grew up in the 70's and 80's).  Grade: B

5. Zach Gentry TE - - Probably my least favorite pick as I would have been all over D'Andre' Walker Edge/OLB UGA. Again could have had Moreau a round earlier and I honestly believe Snell would have been available here too.  They seem to like the Outlaw type of TE.  I am not sure he makes the roster over Bucky Hodges let alone Xavier Grimble. At best I see  a practice squad guy barring injury.  Either way he will take time to develop even into a decent #3. Grade C-

6A, B & C - - Sutton Smith Edge, Isaiah Buggs DT/NG, and Ulysses Gilbert III ILB - - I would have tried to trade the 6B pick for a draft pick next year.  However, pretty high marks in terms of value and need.  Both of the LB'ers off some versatility and the Steelers are remaking their defense in Tomlin's image.  It is about time. Let him sink or swim with his own players and scheme.  Buggs is a bit of a mystery. I get the Coach Dunbar connection and scouting on Bama DL's.  He is not a true massive NG and may not be the best compliment to Hargraves skills.  However, I am tired of the Mt. McCullers experience and would prefer to see almost anyone else getting a shot there.  I would have preferred to draft temple's Michael Dogbe here to groom as Tyson's eventual replacement in 2020, but again, that would have meant another year of Big Dan. Grade A-

7. Derwin GrayOT/OG - - Steelers have struck gold with late round OL's. Not having Coach Munchak hurts the development of guys like this.  Hopefully Coach Klemm can use his former player experience and groom guys like this. Definitely see him as a OG and potential swing OL. For a seventh round pick, pretty solid. Grade B+

There are always players and things that we would/could do differently than the experts.  The blueprints were similar, but the building materials varied here or there.  Moreau over Gentry, Snell a round later and Layne picked before fellow third rounder Dionte Johnson (doesn't matter they got them both).  As  jebrick says, the true grade won't come until later, so an A Grade for effort, moving and hitting the positions of need (although I would have liked to see a safety) and an INC for play (still to come).

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3 hours ago, warfelg said:

I think they go big in TE sets, bring in a tryout or two, get a trade done close to camp.

Yep...I can see another Vance or Switzer type trade playing out inTC or even a June 1 cut.

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14 hours ago, Chieferific said:

Kyle Rudolph should be available and would be a stud with Big Ben chucking the ball. 

I was actually thinking the same thing the other day when they mentioned that Minnesota might be letting him go. Rudolph would be an awesome 2 - 3-year rental until we find our tight end of the future.

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On 4/29/2019 at 3:11 PM, warfelg said:

Bucky was cut.

Well, so much for that theory. O.o:D


I am kind of shocked as I thought that Bucky had played pretty well last pre-season.  I thought he was placed on the practice squad last season? I viewed him as a player that would have a shot of making the roster after Outlaw signed with the Lions.  I heard Mr. Colbert on the Moving the Chains broadcast (Sirius XM) yesterday afternoon with Pat Kirwan and Jim Miller. He spoke highly about Zach's untapped potential.  They obviously see something that I don't.  I liked Hodges when he came out of VA Tech.  What is strange to me Warfelg is that after cutting Hodges; they didn't go for a higher prospect like Jace Sternberger in round three or take Foster Moreau when he was there in round five?  As some have stated, maybe they are looking for a veteran to be cut or have their eye on someone who may become a cap casualty or whatever.


I sometimes have the perception that the team doesn't always address needs with a sense of urgency.  Mr. Colbert admitted on the Movin the Chains show yesterday that they under-estimated the value of not replacing Shazier. Most of us jumped, kicked and screamed that they failed to even draft someone last year.  Why not try to trade down and add picks for (Corrected) next year or this year?  They may have missed on R. Smith, Tre Edmonds, Vander Esch and R. Evans, but would have had a shot at D. Leonard, M. Jefferson or F. Warner.

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I was overall pretty happy with the draft and give it a solid B. I really liked Bush and felt like giving up a 2nd and future 3rd to move into the top 10 was not too bad. We badly, badly needed some speed in the middle of our defense. Diontae Johnson was an ok pick. I feel like there were some better WR's on the board but I do like his upside so I'm not too mad at it. Justin Layne was an absolute steal and one of my favorite picks of any team in the entire draft. He's going to be a great player. Benny Snell I like as a player but isn't really the kind of RB I think we needed, I would've rather grabbed a speedy, home run kind of guy. Gentry was the only pick I 100% hated. I don't like him at all and don't think he'll ever develop into anything. It was also way too early for him. Sutton Smith I honestly don't know much about but it filled a need so sure. Buggs was a solid pick, I think he'll turn into a solid rotational DL, but probably not ever a starter (which is fine in the 6th). Gilbert is a guy I really liked coming into the draft. I think his role is going to be as more of a ST, possibly replacing Matakevich down the line. Finally Gray I think was a solid pick. I am biased as a UMD grad but I think he can develop into a solid backup OG.

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Overall I would give this draft an A-.

That's a good grade and it reflects the slight changes I would have made in the same draft.

3a) I was watching and literally begging for them to take Hakeem Butler. I've seen him play many times. His speed, route running, strong hands and his amazing power in yards after contact are a beautiful thing. Johnson fits the AB mold. I understand that. I believe Butler is a big play receiver that allows us to find mismatches in the slot and he is a HUGE target. Why is this so important? Because Ben won't be around for much longer. Butler would be an easy target for our next quarterback (maybe Rudolph??).

4) Snell was drafted a bit early, especially when we needed a better #2 TE. This mistake will leave us looking for June 1 cuts imo.

5) This would have been a fine spot to take Snell or whoever they liked at running back. I too prefer a change of pace back or someone that would offer a different skill set (like maybe a great pass catcher). I would have loved a Rodney Anderson pick here. He's injury prone, but one of the best backs in the country when healthy. Would have even taken Holyfield.

I also believe that it is important that at least one of the OL that we signed as UDFA or our 7th rounder develops into a solid backup. We will be replacing Foster soon.

So, yes I liked the draft quite a bit.

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14 minutes ago, oksteeler said:

3a) I was watching and literally begging for them to take Hakeem Butler. I've seen him play many times. His speed, route running, strong hands and his amazing power in yards after contact are a beautiful thing. Johnson fits the AB mold. I understand that. I believe Butler is a big play receiver that allows us to find mismatches in the slot and he is a HUGE target. Why is this so important? Because Ben won't be around for much longer. Butler would be an easy target for our next quarterback (maybe Rudolph??).

I was literally begging for Butler in the third. He was my favorite WR in this draft by a mile and I wanted him so badly. I understand we want to fill the AB void but I'd rather us target a Martavis type WR but without the off field stuff. A tall, fast, athletic WR is what I want the Steelers to get.

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