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Packers UDFA Class

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7 minutes ago, Cadmus said:

Greg Roberts is another good one. Underproduced at Baylor, but he's exactly what you're looking for in terms of athlete. 

This is a good UDFA class so far. 

I'm hyped. 

This UDFA class has more talent than I can ever recall.

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Player College Ht Wt Source
CB Nate Brooks North Texas 6-0 187 Link
QB C.J. Collins SAGU 6-5 230 Link
QB Manny Wilkins Arizona State 6-2 193 Link
OT Yosh Nijam Virginia Tech 6-7 324 Link
LB Randy Ramsey Arkansas 6-3 240 Link
DE Greg Roberts Baylor 6-5 258 Link
DB Javien Hamilton Ole Miss 5-10 183 Link

Rookie minicamp invites:

Player College Ht Wt Source
CB Devonte Williams Texas A&M Kingsville 6-0 180 Link
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Just now, JaireAlex said:


Just now, squire12 said:


Looks to be tracking the signings for UDFA across the league.  Not sure if accurate or how often it is updated

@JaireAlex  just beat me by a few seconds

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