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Packers UDFA Class

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3 minutes ago, Cadmus said:

As in.... not a camp tryout? 

Is this a joke? 

Well his WR coach in college is now the Packers WR Coach.


Sorry wrong Colorado... I thought he was a Ram... Sorry I guess I was wrong....

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1 hour ago, Arthur Penske said:

Not sure how reliable this guy is



Q&A with Collins pre-draft-

Who is the best player you have ever played against in college?

  • ETBU defensive lineman that plays for the Green Bay Packers.


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10 minutes ago, incognito_man said:

I bet Nijam is PS at worst for us. 

Would have liked that pick in the 6th.

I think he's practice squad, best case scenario. The kid is not NFL ready as a pass blocker. He's at least 2 years away from being able to put him in a game that matters. He certainly has all the athletic ability, but he's can't handle speed rushers right now. 

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1 hour ago, Gopackgonerd said:


Had some snaps vs Burns. He isn't horrible but he needs better technique pass blocking, inconsistent there. I like his size and athleticism and his run blocking. Good Project guy

I found it difficult to project much based off of that film.  A bit of a waist bender in pass pro, but seems to have an anchor and great length.

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