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Slappy Mc

I’m gunna say it

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18 hours ago, Woz said:

Woof. I missed that in my scan of the message. Yeah, he and Flowers are on my "shouldn't make the final roster, and if they do, Washington is worse off than we thought" list.

If DRC makes the roster its a bad sign bc that means he outplayed one of our 3 young safeties - Apke, Everett and Nicholson  - to start opposite Collins or he outplayed Moreau, Stroman and Alexander to be our slot corner.


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20 hours ago, aceinthehouse said:

I don't believe that for a second, Slateman.

The Redskins we're 6-2 with Alex Smith at the helm. Relying on strong running game & playing tough defense.

We can go into these games, with the same strategy with a rookie developing QB.

We've now added 4 major pieces to the defense in Collins, Sweat, Foster & DRC. So our Defense will be even better than last year.

We will now have Peterson AND Guice running the ball. As well as Thompson.

We've gotten faster on Defense & Offense. McLaurin will get playing time with his chemistry with Haskins & Richardson is back.

This team was 6-2 before the collapse.

This is an 11-5 football team for 2019.

If we had more proven studs at WR, I would say even better than that.

We ARE a playoff team!

And THE team to beat in the NFC East.

We are better all around than the Eagles, Cowboys or Giants.

And we all will see that this year.

We're going 11-5 at least...


Kool Aid One right here

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9 hours ago, Doc Draper said:

Do we still have Danny Johnson? He can return punts and be depth? 

Yes and Quinn and Stroman are return men too.

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