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Official 2019 Jaguars UDFA Discussion Thread

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1 hour ago, .Buzz said:


This excites me. Jim Kleinsasser/Cory Schlesinger type. Can lead block as a FB or catch out in the flat, or line up as TE2 or TE3 and block or release and catch the ball. Given the new OC and what we want to do, he's a good fit.

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heres the list from BCC

Brandon Watson CB Michigan

Carson meier FB/TE Oklahoma

Roderick Young DT North Texas

Jeff Smith WR Boston College

Connor Strachan LB Boston College

Donnel Greene OL Minnesota

Buchy Stallings OL Kentucky

Drederick Snelson WR UCF

Zedric Woods S Ole Miss

Shane Bowman DL Washington

Tyre Brady WR Marshall

Michael Walker WR Boston College

Savion Smith CB Alabama

Joe Giles-Harris LB Duke


Rookie Minicamp Invite: Taj McGowan RB UCF

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Crazy crop of UDFAs around the league this year.  A lot of guys i thought would go a lot higher...ended up not drafted at all.


Not over the moon with any of the ones we managed to get out of the market, but there are some alright camp bodies and guys who should have a chance at cracking the PS.  Seems pretty clear the areas/types of role they wanted to add more competition/depth.

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