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2019 Sixth Round Pick (#197) - Trace McSorely - QB - Penn State

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  • Can throw with rollout accuracy
  • Plays with good energy and a competitive spirit
  • Good operation quickness with compact release
  • Previous tape shows ability to throw with anticipation
  • Able to expedite release when pressure surges in his face
  • Can set and uncork when receiver suddenly breaks open
  • Willing to trust his targets to make a play
  • Glues safeties in place with early eye work to open adjacent throwing windows
  • Had success with zone-read and RPO calls
  • Has 30 rushing touchdowns as a starter
  • Spirited runner with above-average toughness and vision
  • Frame falls below NFL norms
  • Had 11 passes batted this season
  • Seemed to lose touch and accuracy overnight
  • Struggled to hit moving targets in stride with consistency
  • Completed just 39 percent of deep throws with tendency to overthrow it
  • Lacks ability to win the tight window throws
  • Attempts "arm talent" throws that will turn sour vs
  • NFL defenders
  • Needs gallop step to push the deep ball
  • Hurries and loses fundamentals when throwing from a scramble
  • High percentage of touchdown passes came on easy red-zone RPOs in 2018
  • Overreacts to pressure at times


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I was hoping for Easton Stick, but he was taken late in round 5, so Trace McSorely is the next best thing. However, give McSorely's frame, I don't see him able to contribute much on offense until he hits the weight room. He's pretty small and he doesn't have that quick twitch athleticism to avoid getting crushed.

That being said, I think there aren't too many other QBs that could step in a Lamar Jackson-style offense and be productive. At least McSorely can do that. 

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Would have rather had a guy like Tre Watson (LB, MD). Was shocked to see that Isaiah Prince was drafted less than ten picks later. That would have been a good grab IMO. 

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I love this pick. I think McSorely has a winning personality and he fits our offense. What’s more he’s durable and is someone that can thrive. He reminds me of a poor man’s Baker Mayfield, only he has played in a very traditional offense. Given more air raid schemes (which is what I believe is how we’re looking to build our offense), he will have the accuracy to be very effective.

We can’t just have two QBs considering how the offense benefits from having a mobile QB. While there’s nothing in his history to suggest durability concerns, if Lamar was ever to go down, we already know that RG3 isn’t a durable player. We can’t risk losing two QBs in one game or longer and having to completely change our offense for a Street QB. With McSorley he should come in and be inactive on game days but be groomed. He’s got Tyrod Taylor level athleticism and processes the field pretty good. There’s a lot of upside with him, I think he can be a starter in this league at some point.

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