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Me vs Mayock

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On 5/24/2019 at 11:50 PM, G said:

I think I like yours better than mine but here is were I was drooling when on the clock.

4) DE/LB Josh Allen (Barr @LB floor, The FREAK Kearse at DE ceiling) hence drooling...

24) DE Montez Sweat  (Two 6'5 260lbers with athletic ability. I'm looking in the mirror and seeing Al's reflection LOL)

27) CB Greedy Williams (5th year option and at one time I wanted him at 4. I'd wait til 2nd in hindsight but if live it's what I would have done in a heart beat.)

2nd) WR DK Metcalf ( TO but without the drama learning from AB?!? sign me up and would have taken him 27 if not for Greedy)

4th) I might have went DE Bryant over Nelson but Thompson for sure. Moreau I didn't know til pick was made but liking TE there and like the blocking skills. Mack Wilson 100% and might have taken him above the TE in real time and a RB to finish the night.

Yep I like yours better. LOL


Allen would have been better and even played Sam OLB. 

Sweat is not better than Jacobs and probably would have taken us out of Crosby. 

Greedy is ok but Mullens is better 

Metcalf is a STUD and had AB played we would have had some serious weapons. All that said I don't think our record is as good without Jacobs. 


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