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1 hour ago, wcblack34 said:

Cousins can’t be franchises under his deal, can he? 

I don’t believe so

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Thanks @VikeManDan, I saw their conversation and didn't think it was prohibited in his contract, but I didn't have the exact reference.   Either way though, they ain't gonna do it.  They don't, by practice, generally do it.  

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Some players to watch out for with the Vikings next year.  At assumed positions of need for them being S, CB, DL and OL.  One would think QB is not a need but will see with Kirk Cousins play this year.  Would not mind Jordan Love or Jacob Eason if we could get them but that probably could not happen.  Also most of these guys are 1st or 2nd rounders but a few or more mid round picks potentially.  




*Greg Ellsworth Iowa State RS JR S:
Would be a great pickup if we do let go of Harris and Kearse.  Is a position of need and kid can play in the box, aggressive tackle and is quick as can be.  I expect a big year out of him this season.

*Xavier McKinney Alabama JR S:
Would be more of an off safety but he is versatile and can cover, is more of a 2nd or 3rd round pick potentially though.

*Innis Gaines TCU SR S:
Mid to late round pick, has versatility and can cover the slot at times, good range but needs to stay healthy.

*JR Reed Georgia RS SR S:
Is Jake Reed's kid, would love to have him and is possibly going to be around mid rounds.  I expect a big year out of him, he has toughness and has played a lot of football.


Defensive Line

*Kenny Willekes Michigan State RS SR DE:
Love his motor and toughness, could be a nice get late 1st round or 2nd round.  Does have a little injury history but really came on last year and if he can get back to form this year there is a ton to like about his game.  

*Yetur Gross-Matos Penn State JR DE:
Probably out of the range of the Vikings picks, this kid could be top 10-15 so just a dream really.  Awesome quickness for his size, had a breakout year last season and should be even better this year.  

*Raekwon Davis Alabama SR DT/DE:
If for some reason he drops a little in the 1st round I would take him in a second.  Had a bad year last season but as a SOPH he was dominating, will see if he can round back into form this year.  Can play inside or outside and is just a massive kid and when he is motivated he can make things happen on the inside.  

*Joe Gaziano Northwestern RS SR DE:
Love his motor and his game, could be a fine pickup late 1st round for the Vikings.  Consistent player and has good size and strength for a DE no question.

*Jonathan Garvin Miami FL JR DE:
Is possibly more of a 3/4 OLB but is a great speed rusher who can bend the edge.  Might not fit the Vikings system but would provide that speed edge rusher opposite Hunter and Garvin could be around in the late 1st or early 2nd round.

*Rashard Lawrence LSU SR DT:
I would not mind him as a DT in the 2nd round, tough kid who is physical and strong at the point of attack.  Could be a good building block down the road without Joseph.

*Curtis Weaver Boise State JR DE:
I need to watch him more but the kid is an all around DE, holds the point well and can get after the QB.  Strong against the run and could be a great 2nd round pickup, that is if he does not play himself into being a 1st rounder this year which he could, has been a productive player for awhile.  

*Jordon Scott Oregon JR DT:
Again if they are looking long term without Joseph Scott would be a good NT prospect.  Super strong at the point, can hold his own and move people around well.  Massive kid and is a wide body, could be a fine 2nd round pickup possibly if he declares.  

*Jabari Zuniga Florida SR DE:
A decent 2nd or 3rd round DE who uses his hands well and has length to bend the edge, is a little thin but is productive and uses his hands well for a thinner end.  I expect a big year out of him.

*Nick Coe Auburn RS JR DE:
Is a strong DE who is good against the run and can move people rushing the passer.  Good toughness and strength and could be a decent 2nd or 3rd round pickup.

*Joshua Kaindoh Florida State JR DE:
Could be a steal, is a massive tall kid who has worlds of potential, could be a nice 3rd round pick or mid round pick.  Huge upside with him and unless he has a great year some might be sleeping on his potential.  

*Alton Robinson Syracuse SR DE:
Big time sleeper I think, love his quickness off the ball and could be a great speed edge rusher for the Vikings.  Cat quick out there and agile, needs to get strong but athletically there is a ton to like about how he can get off the ball so quickly and make plays in the backfield.  Best part is that he could be around anywhere from the 3rd or 5th round.  But if a fine year would not be shocked if he is a 2nd round pick.  



Offensive Line

*Trey Adams Washington RS SR OT:
I would not mind him at all as a tackle if he falls a little in the 1st round.  Is arguably the best OT prospect in the up coming draft but his injury history might have him drop a little.  Good athlete and big long kid, but will see if he can stay healthy all season.  

*Andrew Thomas Georgia JR OT/OG:
Probably is a dream as well, most likely will be gone in the 1st round but I think he could be a beast RT or a monster OG.  But in the new offensive line system of the Vikings not sure a great mauler like him would fit, wish he would because he is a nasty due and a great run blocker.  

*Walker Little Stanford JR OT:
I think he disappointed last year but he has potential and could be a decent late 1st or 2nd round pick.  Good athlete who has been a solid consistent football player for awhile on Stanford, very accomplished.  

*Alarc Jackson Iowa RS JR OT/OG:
I would not mind him but I like him more as a guard, gets beat in pass pro too much I feel.  Is a decent athlete and moves well for his size.  Depending on how the guard situation plays out for the Vikings he could fit maybe if that is a need.

*Tristian Wirfs Iowa JR OT:
Might go 1st round or could go 2nd or 3rd round.  Just on weight room numbers he is a 1st rounder but I need to see a little more domination from him on the field.  Physically there is a ton to like about him and he could be a great pickup and has huge upside.  That is if he does not blow up this year and become a top 15 pick which he might.

*Alex Leatherwood Alabama JR OT/OG:
Versatile player can play tackle or guard, has good potential at both positions and could be around late 1st round or 2nd round no question, nice length as well.




*Bryce Hall Virginia SR CB:
Long corner and could be a good system fit, can get his hands on the football and fight for it no doubt.  Could be there late 1st round or 2nd round potentially and would be a huge need if they choose not to resign Waynes.  

*Amik Robertson La Tech JR CB:
Love his game, is a lock down corner who can play out wide or in the slot, awesome ball skills and athletic ability.  Is a little small but kid can cover very well and might be a sleeper, could be a 2nd or 3rd round pick with a good year.

*AJ Green Ok State SR CB:
Is possibly a late 1st or 2nd round CB, I think he has worlds of potential and upside.  Tall corner who can run and has good ball skills, I expect a big year out of him this season.

*Essang Bassey Wake Forest SR CB:
Love his toughness and tackling ability for a smaller corner, good reaction time and ball skills, also has slot coverage ability and could be around 2nd or 3rd round.








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No QB in this draft really excites me.  If we are going to draft one, hope Cousins is terrible next year and we receive the 1st selection overall.  Then draft Trevor Lawrence. There is no “sure thing”, but in all seriousness, I’m tired of missing on the QB position and Lawrence IMO and barring injury,  is as close to a sure thing as you’re going to get.  

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4 hours ago, SemperFeist said:

Too bad that second block would be a penalty in the NFL. 

Yeah I was thinking that was a definite blindside block, though I'm pretty sure the same rule is in the college game too.

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3 hours ago, SemperFeist said:

Think I might be going full Klomp this year on Jacob Eason. He’s my Josh Allen!

Never go full Klomp!

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Eason is super intriguing to me just because of his arm strength. It almost looks like he is pitching the football. Not so sure on his deep accuracy, decision making, or touch.

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