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Nacho Simulation Football League (Season 18 - Week 13 POSTED!)

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The latest games have been posted here.

Nacho Simulation Football League

Welcome to the main thread of the Nacho Simulation Football League (or NSFL for short)! This is a Sim league that uses my custom American Football simulation engine, and posts games in play-by-plays viewable on Youtube, with Game Stats listed on the Video description. The league runs bi-annually, a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft) using a keeper system. Teams compete for the highly esteemed Quacamole trophy each season.

Offseason Schedule

Monday, May 6th: Deadline for previous owners to renew interest in the league. Failure to do so by this date by posting in the main thread will cause a replacement owner to be found in your place.
Thursday, May 16th: Deadline owners to submit their Keeper Tags. All keepers will be processed on this date, so keeper tags must be in before this date.
Monday, May 20th: Season 18's draft begins. As this is a summer season, incoming rookies are eligible, but any player or coach who declared retirement at the end of the NFL's 2018 is removed.

Draft Order

1. Rocket City Trash Pandas (2-14)
2. Richmond Flying Squirrels (3-13)
3. Kansas City Knights (4-12)
4. Indianapolis Predators (5-11)
5. Seattle Sonics (6-10)
6. Anchorage Eskimos (6-10)
7. Little Rock Uni Royals (7-9)
8. Miami Sharks (7-9)
9. Phoenix Rattlers (7-8-1)
10. Chicago Fire (8-8)
11. South Africa Woolly Mammoths (9-7)
12. Southview Saints (9-7)
13. Freiburg Venom (9-6-1)
14. Hanoi Viet Kongs (10-6)
15. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (10-6)
16. Egypt Starfalls (10-6)
17. Reykjavík Direwolves (11-5)
18. Scranton Papermakers (13-3)
19. Tacoma Thunder (12-4)
20. Iowa Jagwads (11-5)

Registration & Off-season Schedule

All former-owners must re-register to renew their interest for this season. For those who are not past owners, you may still ask to join the league, however I will put you on a waiting list. When and if a GM decides to not renew interest or becomes idle, you will be contacted. You must remain an active FootballsFuture member in order to remain on the waiting list. I will remove inactive users from this list periodically.

Waiting list:

  1. Mega Ron
  2. BringinDaPain
  3. Dome


The NSFL supports 20 teams split into four divisions (Red and Blue divisions in the Cheesy Conference, Green and Yellow divisions in the Salsa Conference). The regular season features sixteen games:

  • Teams will play each other team in their division twice.
  • Teams will play four teams in the other division of their own conference.
  • Teams will play four teams of a division in the other conference.

Games will be simulated on “Game Day”, which is every three days after the draft. I will provide links to Youtube videos with the complete Play-By-Plays, as well as text play-by-plays on Google Docs.

The playoffs will feature eight teams (four in each conference) in total. This includes all four division winners, plus four wildcard teams (two per conference). Playoffs last three Game Days. In the first round, the 4th seed of each conference will play at the 1st seed of that Conference, and the 3rd seed will play at the 2nd. After that, the two winners in each Conference will play in the Conference Championship with the higher seed having home-field advantage. Then, winners of the Conference Championship Game from each Conference will play each-other on a neutral field in the Taco Bowl for the highly esteemed Quacamole trophy. Seeding for the playoffs are based on this list of tiebreakers:

  1. Record
  2. Head-to-Head*
  3. Division record (Same division only)
  4. Conference record
  5. Net points
  6. Strength of schedule
  7. Coin toss

*This tie-breaker can still apply for a tie featuring more than 2 teams using the transitive property... If one team has head-to-head wins against all of the others, that team comes first in the tiebreaker. And if one team has head-to-head losses against all of the others, that team comes last in the tiebreaker. Also if Team A beat Team B, who beat Team C but Team C and A didn't play, Team A wins the tiebreaker and Team C comes in last in it.

Division tiebreakers are applied first. Then with wildcard tiebreakers featuring 3 or more teams, only the teams highest in the division not currently in the playoffs are considered, since under no circumstances can a team make the playoffs over a team higher in their division.

Prior to the regular season, there is a preseason week that owners can sign their teams up for optional exhibition games. These games can be used for the purpose of friendly matches, or testing starting roster & team settings prior to the start of the season. The rules and information for exhibition games is as follows:

  • A team can schedule a maximum of two pre-season games, which must be against different opponents. These games can start being scheduled when a season's main thread is first created.
  • A game is scheduled by both owners agreeing to it in the main thread, including which team will be the home team. Alternately, a game can take place on a neutral field. If taking place on a neutral field, the owners can optionally specify the stadium's data (see Stadium Settings, below). If none is specified, the game will take place in an average Dome stadium.
  • Alternately, a team may schedule an exhibition game against any NFL team. Only one of their pre-season games can be against an NFL team, and the NFL team is always the home team. This type of pre-season game can be canceled at any time to make room for an owner-vs-owner matchup. A single NFL team may only play host to one team in the preseason, which means if someone already schedules a match with a team, they can't play anyone else.
  • Once a game is scheduled, it can only be canceled by both owners agreeing to cancel it on the main thread.
  • For each exhibition scheduled, each owner can PM me a starting roster and simulation settings they want to use for the game. This will not affect your actual regular-season starting lineup or simulation settings in any way. If no experimental settings are specified, the team's default settings and roster will be used. These settings will not be revealed until after the exhibition games are posted.
  • These games will not count in any way (practice squad players can be started without affecting their keeper status).
  • All exhibition games will be posted in the same "Game Day", which will be two days prior to Week 1.

One day before the Taco Bowl each season, a conference vs conference all-star exhibition game called the All-Star Bowl is played, between the Cheesy Conference and the Salsa Conference. The game does not influence anything except the Game MVP of the All-Star Bowl's keeper cost the following season is reduced by 1. The voting rules are as follows:

  • Owners can submit a ballot with three selections at every position (including Returner), for each conference. Your first selection will receive 3 votes, your second selection will be worth 2 votes, and the last will be worth 1.
  • After the voting period, the final tallies will be posted.
  • In the event of a tie, a random number generator to determine who gets in.
  • On even seasons, Cheesy runs a 4-3 defense and Salsa runs a 3-4 defense. On odd seasons, Cheesy runs a 3-4 defense and Salsa runs a 4-3 defense.
  • The Head Coach for each conference will be the coach of that conference's highest seeded team. The Coordinators will be the coordinators of the team with the best yardage statistics of Offense, Defense, and Special Teams.

Roster Rules & Team Settings

At total, a roster has 26 players and 4 coaches. This roster includes: one Quarterback, two Runningbacks, one Fullback, one Tight End, two Offensive tackles, two Offensive guards, one Center, three Wide Receivers, two Defenisve ends, one/two Defensive tackles, one/two Inside linebackers, two Outside linebackers, two Cornerbacks, one Free safety, one Strong safety, one Kicker, and one Punter. Teams also draft four coaches: A Head Coach, an Offensive Coordinator, a Defensive Coordinator, and a Special Teams Coordinator. Coaches can give bonuses to certain positions. In addition to starters, teams may keep an five-player or coach Practice Squad that gives you exclusive rights to that player/coach, even if you do not start them. Players can be started at any position but its recommended you start them at their listed position or a similar position. Players do not get injured in this league, so you do not need to worry about that.

Teams may make several team changes at any time for the upcoming game (note that the deadline to do this is Noon EST the day before the game):

  • Trade Players, Draft choices, and/or Keeper tags to another Team. Both Teams involved must agree by either posting on the main thread (please mention me when a trade is posted) or by both PMing me the trade details. There is a trade deadline each season that starts at Week 12, and is in affect until after the Taco Bowl. During this period, players cannot be traded but keeper tags and draft picks can. Picks of Round 16 or higher cannot be traded, as those picks are considered compensatory. Picks more than four seasons in the future can also not be traded. I will not enforce any future or additional parts of a trade, so it is recommended that you not do this.
  • After the draft is completed, Teams may sign Free Agents. Free Agents are handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you have no available slot to put the player, you must cut a player to sign one.
  • Change your team's Coaching Philosophy. This can be done by posting on the thread, or PMing me personally (for private changes revealed on Game Day, highly recommended).

A Team's Coaching Philosophy changes how your team is simulated. Once again, a Team can change this at any time, excluding Game Days. It is highly recommended that Teams tailor these to both your team, and your current opponent! Changes PMed to me will not be revealed until the next Game Day, so they will be a secret to your opponent! These are the changeable Coaching Philosophies:

  • Run Chance (max: 70, min: 30, default: 45): This determines how often, on a situation-unaffected play (teams will run or pass more depending on situation), your team will choose to do a running play instead of a passing play.
  • Running Back 1 Chance (max: 80, min: 50, default: 65): This determines how often, when a running play is selected, that your 1st-string running back will take the carry. Warning: Players, especially RB, DO get tired as the game goes on, do not set too high!
  • Field Goal Try (max: 60 [your own 40], min: 10, default: 35): This determines which yard line (NOT length of FG!) your team will try to kick a Field Goal instead of punting. Note: length of field goal is this number + 17 (setting Field Goal Try to 40 will cause your team to attempt 57 yard field goals).
  • Offensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines offensive aggression. Aggressive offenses have a greater chance of big plays, but are more prone to incompletions, turnovers, and plays resulting in losses (like sacks). Aggressive offenses are also more likely to go for it on 4th and short.
  • Defensive Aggression (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines defensive aggression. Aggressive defenses have a greater chance in making big plays (like sacks, interceptions, or forced fumbles) but also have a larger chance of giving up big plays to the opponent's offense. Conservative defenses focus on tackling and forcing incompletions.
  • Run Defense Priority (max: 100, min: 0, default: 50): Determines whether, on a situation-unaffected play, teams will focus more on stopping the run or the pass. A high value will result in defenses more likely to focus on stopping the run, a low value will focus defenses more on the pass.
  • Defensive Formation (default: 4-3, either 4-3 or 3-4): Determines your defensive formation. A 4-3 allows you to start four defensive linemen and three linebackers. A 3-4 allows you to start three defensive linemen, and four linebackers.
  • Return man (default: 3rd WR): Teams must set one of their Players to be their Kick/Punt Returner. This will be marked off as an asterisk in their Team listing. Practice squad players CAN fill this role.
  • You can swap starters with practice squad players. This counts as a coaching philosophy since it can be done privately (unlike Trades and Signing/Cutting players).

Lastly, a Team has a Stadium. Your Stadium can be submitted and changed at any time during the off-season (defined as any time after the Taco Bowl, but before the first game of the next season is played). Editable Stadium settings are as follows:

  • Stadium Name (default: Team's stadium): The Stadium's name. Has no effect on the Simulation, obviously.
  • Stadium Type (default: Random): There are five types of stadiums you can choose from - Outdoor Grass, Outdoor Turf, Outdoor Dirt, Dome*, and Retractable Roof. The difference between Grass and Turf have very minor affects in the simulation engine, but in poor weather, a Grass field tends to become harder to play on. Dirt fields are a bit harder to play on for all players, and in the rain turn into muddy fields which can cause some significant problems. A Retractable Roof stadium usually behaves like an Outdoor Turf stadium, except in increment weather where it behaves like a Dome stadium (most of the time... sometimes the roof gets stuck open!).
  • Timezone (default: Random): There are six timezones one can choose from: East Coast, Central, Mountain, Pacific, Europe, and Asia. Teams will be disadvantaged when playing in other time zones, with greater weight depending on the difference of distance. It is encouraged that you set the timezone to the location your team is located. For overseas teams, select Asia or Europe depending on which is closer.
  • Temperature (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): Temperature of the location of the stadium. A high number means that the stadium is in a HOT place (Like Ecuador). A low number means the stadium is in a COLD place (Like Alaska). Your team's ability to play in bad weather depends on their home location (a warm-weather team will have a hard time playing in really cold weather, and vice-versa).
  • Precipitation (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): Amount of precipitation the location typically gets. A high number means that there is a high chance of precipitation. A low chance means there is a very low chance of precipitation (like you live in a desert or something).
  • Wind (max: 100, min: 0, default: Random): How windy your location is. The higher the number, the greater chance of windy conditions come game-time!

*For Dome stadiums, please still include Temperature, Precipitation, and Wind data for the LOCATION of where your Stadium is built, even though these factors are not releavant for games played at your stadium. These values still affect how well your team can play in bad weather at other stadiums.

In addition, teams may submit to me a 80x90 logo and a 22x95 endzone graphic for use in the Game Simulations to make them more visually pleasing. If you aren't skilled in image editing, you can still post something and I'll resize it as best I can. Also, you may select two team colors and of course your team's name! If you don't submit anything, I reserve the right to make them myself. I make most endzone logos myself, and most people seem pleased with the results.

A sample endzone image looks like this:

Offseason Rules

The NSFL runs bi-annually (twice per year) with a Winter season (after the Super Bowl) and a Summer season (after the NFL draft). Before the Winter season, Player's attributes will be updated taking into account his NFL stats from the previous year. Before the Summer season, incoming Rookies from the NFL draft will become available to be drafted. In addition, any new features to the Simulation engine will be available at the start of each new season, and will be announced and explained at that time.

Rosters become locked after a team's last game is played. After that time, players cannot be Signed or Cut (but Trades can be made). Players can be maintained from season to season using Keeper Tags. Each team receives 20 Keeper Tags which they can use on Players as they see fit. Players of certain positions require more of a commitment to keep, and therefore require more Tags to keep. Obviously, this will lead to certain teams having more or less players than others going into the off-season. Keeper Tags, like Draft Selections, are considered an asset for a Team and therefore can be traded (but unused Tags are discarded at the end of the Keeper step)!

Very high upkeep positions (4 Tags):

  • Quarterback

High upkeep positions (3 Tags):

  • Runningback
  • Wide Receiver
  • Offensive Tackle
  • 4-3 Defensive End
  • 3-4 Outside Linebacker
  • Cornerback

Medium upkeep positions (2 Tags):

  • Tight End
  • Offensive Guard
  • Center
  • 3-4 Defensive End
  • 4-3 Outside Linebacker
  • Defensive Tackle
  • Inside Linebacker
  • Strong Safety
  • Free Safety
  • Head Coach

Low upkeep positions (1 Tags):

  • Fullback
  • Kicker
  • Punter
  • Offensive Coordinator
  • Defensive Coordinator
  • Special Teams Coordinator
  • Practice Squad or Rookies*

*Rookies are considered any player who was a rookie in their last NFL season. PS players are considered any player who started in seven or less games the previous NSFL season. Only up to two PS or rookie keepers can be players who played in a game the previous NSFL season. Other PS or rookie players who played a game in the previous season will be charged by their positional price, at the position they spent the most time in during the season. In addition, players who are kept as a non-PS or rookie keeper the previous year are not eligible, and cost a minimum of what they cost the year before (for example, a QB keeper cannot be kept for 1 the previous season even if he spent the whole season on the PS).

Players count as the position they spent the majority of the previous regular season as. In the event of a tie, the higher value is used. For example, if one has QB Matthew Stafford and started him for 7 games and had him on their practice squad for 9 games, he can be retained with a single Tag instead of 4.

After a period where inactive GMs are replaced and Keepers are selected, a new draft will commence with all players not kept and, before a Summer season, new Rookie players. These drafts will not snake, and the ordering will be determined by last season's placing, with the Taco Bowl Champion selecting last, after the runner-up. Teams that have less players than others due to the Keeper Tag system will receive Bonus rounds at the end of the draft (in the same order) until all Teams have 30 players again. At that time, Rosters become unlocked and a new Season begins!


NSFL Seasonal History: http://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2013/01/nsfl-hall-of-fame.html

S18 Draft: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/19267-nsfl-s18-draft-starts-monday/
S18 Detailed Statistics: https://thekillernacho.blogspot.com/2019/06/nsfl-season-18-detailed-statistics.html

Preseason: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-preseason/?page=143&tab=comments#comment-1872009
Week 1: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-kickoff-game-posted/?page=145&tab=comments#comment-1875675
Week 2: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-1-posted/?page=151&tab=comments#comment-1879609
Week 3: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-2-posted/?page=153&tab=comments#comment-1882911
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Week 6: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-5-posted/?page=165&tab=comments#comment-1896944
Week 7: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-6-posted/?page=172&tab=comments#comment-1902317
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Week 11: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-10-posted/?page=191&tab=comments#comment-1923016
Week 12: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-11-posted/?page=192&tab=comments#comment-1924772
Week 13: https://forums.footballsfuture.com/topic/18916-nacho-simulation-football-league-season-18-week-12-posted/?page=195&tab=comments#comment-1928783

Team Rosters & Settings

Cheesy Conference

Red Division

Reykjavík Direwolves (Owner: Tk3)
QB: Andrew Luck (IND)
RB: Saquon Barkley (NYG), James White (NE)
FB: Zach Line (NO)
TE: Kyle Rudolph (MIN)
WR: Adam Thielen (MIN), T.Y. Hilton (IND), Courtland Sutton (DEN)
OT: Cordy Glenn (CIN), Rob Havenstein (LAR)
OG: Dion Dawkins (BUF), Braden Smith (IND)
C: John Sullivan (FA)
DE: Terrell Suggs (ARI), Bradley Chubb (DEN)
DT: Kenny Clark (GB), Denico Autry (IND)
OLB: Darius Leonard (IND), Roquan Smith (CHI)
MLB: Blake Martinez (GB)
CB: Patrick Peterson (ARI)*, Brent Grimes (FA)
SS: Kareem Jackson (DEN)
FS: Earl Thomas (BAL)
K: Robbie Gould (SF)
P: Andy Lee (ARI)
HC: Anthony Lynn (LAC)
OC: Randy Fichtner (PIT)
DC: George Edwards (MIN)
STC: Brad Seely (HOU)
PS: Lamar Jackson (BAL), Josh Allen (BUF), Za'Darius Smith (GB), Daniel Jones (NYG), Orlando Brown Jr. (BAL)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 2nd Round Pick (FRE), S19 2nd Round Pick (PHO), S19 3rd Round Pick (SCR), S19 4th Round Pick (EGY), S19 4th Round Pick (SCR), S19 5th Round Pick (REY), S19 7th Round Pick (REY)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 13, Season 14

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 50, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 20
Stadium - Winterfell Godswood - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 1, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Gray, Secondary Color - White

South Africa Woolly Mammoths (Owner: MookieMonstah)
QB: Tom Brady (NE)
RB: David Johnson (ARI), C.J. Anderson (DET)
FB: Michael Burton (NO)
TE: Delanie Walker (TEN)
WR: Keenan Allen (LAC), Emmanuel Sanders (DEN), Calvin Ridley (ATL)
OT: Trent Williams (WAS), Ryan Ramczyk (NO)
OG: Richie Incognito (OAK), Kevin Zeitler (NYG)
C: Ben Jones (TEN)
DE: Cameron Wake (TEN), Calais Campbell (JAX)
DT: Damon Harrison (DET), A'Shawn Robinson (DET)
OLB: K.J. Wright (SEA), Lorenzo Alexander (BUF)
MLB: Ryan Shazier (PIT)
CB: Stephon Gilmore (NE), Aqib Talib (LAR)
SS: Eric Weddle (LAR)
FS: Malik Hooker (IND)
K: Steven Hauschka (BUF)
P: J.K. Scott (GB)
HC: Josh McDaniels (NE)
OC: Norv Turner (CAR)
DC: Jack Del Rio (FA)
STC: Mike Westhoff (FA)
PS: Marcus Davenport (NO), Josh Rosen (MIA), Da'Shawn Hand (DET), Tre Flowers (SEA), Ted Ginn Jr. (NO)*

S19 Keeper Tags: 23
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (SA), S20 2nd Round Pick (SA), S20 9th Round Pick (SA)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 9

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 40, Run D Priority: 60
Stadium - Cape Town Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 78, Precip: 56, Wind: 58
Primary Color - Orange, Secondary Color - Navy Blue

Rio de Janeiro Pirates (Owner: RuskieTitan)
QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC)
RB: Mark Ingram (BAL), Dalvin Cook (MIN)
FB: Patrick DiMarco (BUF)
TE: David Njoku (CLE)
WR: Tyreek Hill (KC), Alshon Jeffery (PHI), Kenny Stills (MIA)*
OT: Jason Peters (PHI), Joe Staley (SF)
OG: Zack Martin (DAL), Andrew Norwell (JAX)
C: Weston Richburg (SF)
DE: Carlos Dunlap (CIN), Justin Houston (IND)
DT: Ndamukong Suh (TB), Jurrell Casey (TEN)
OLB: Leighton Vander Esch (DAL), Shaq Thompson (CAR)
MLB: Luke Kuechly (CAR)
CB: Josh Norman (WAS), James Bradberry (CAR)
SS: Keanu Neal (ATL)
FS: Eric Reid (CAR)
K: Adam Vinatieri (IND)
P: Thomas Morstead (NO)
HC: Pete Carroll (SEA)
OC: Ken Whisenhunt (LAC)
DC: Gus Bradley (LAC)
STC: Jerry Rosburg (BAL)
PS: Rashan Gary (GB), Marcus Mariota (TEN), Johnathan Abram (OAK), Carl Nassib (TB), Bradley Roby (HOU)

S19 Keeper Tags: 21
Guacamole Trophies: Season 4, Season 6

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 35, RB1 Chance: 75, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 63, Defensive Ag: 59, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium - The Boneyard II - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 40, Precip: 45, Wind: 35
Primary Color - Purple, Secondary Color - Gold

Hanoi Viet Kongs (Owner: ravens5520)

QB: Eli Manning (NYG)
RB: Tarik Cohen (CHI)*, Kenyan Drake (MIA)
FB: Anthony Sherman (KC)
TE: Jason Witten (DAL)
WR: DeAndre Hopkins (HOU), Kenny Golladay (DET), J.J. Arcega-Whiteside (PHI)
OT: Anthony Castonzo (IND), Charles Leno (CHI)
OG: Marshal Yanda (BAL), David DeCastro (PIT)
C: Matt Paradis (CAR)
DE: Cameron Jordan (NO), Matt Judon (BAL)
DT: Christopher Jones (KC), Dalvin Tomlinson (NYG)
OLB: Devin Bush (PIT), Denzel Perryman (LAC)
MLB: Benardrick McKinney (HOU)
CB: Xavier Rhodes (MIN), Jason McCourty (NE)
SS: Micah Hyde (BUF)
FS: John Johnson (LAR)
K: Josh Lambo (JAX)
P: Tress Way (WAS)
HC: Jon Gruden (OAK)
OC: Byron Leftwich (TB)
DC: Leslie Frazier (BUF)
STC: Chase Blackburn (CAR)
PS: Dante Pettis (SF), Vic Beasley (ATL), B.J. Hill (NYG), Cody Ford (BUF), Mitchell Trubisky (CHI)

S19 Keeper Tags: 17
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (CHI), S20 1st Round Pick (CHI), S19 1st Round Pick (SA), S20 2nd Round Pick (SA), S20 9th Round Pick (IOW), S19 3rd Round Pick (HAN)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 50, RB1 Chance: 50, Field Goal Try: 36, Offensive Ag: 58, Defensive Ag: 60, Run D Priority: 52
Stadium - The Jungle - Type: Dome, Timezone: Asia, Temp: 75, Precip: 75, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Dark Orange, Secondary Color - Yellow

Seattle Sonics (Owner: Whicker)

QB: Philip Rivers (LAC)
RB: Adrian Peterson (WAS), Matt Breida (SF)
FB: Dimitri Flowers (JAX)
TE: Trey Burton (CHI)
WR: Amari Cooper (DAL), Randall Cobb (DAL)*, Michael Crabtree (FA)
OT: David Bakhtiari (GB), Ricky Wagner (DET)
OG: Cody Whitehair (CHI), Ronald Leary (DEN)
C: Brandon Linder (JAX)
DE: Brandon Graham (PHI), Danielle Hunter (MIN)
DT: Akiem Hicks (CHI), Cameron Heyward (PIT)
OLB: Lavonte David (TB), Avery Williamson (NYJ)
MLB: Eric Kendricks (MIN)
CB: William Jackson III (CIN), Casey Hayward (LAC)
SS: Adrian Amos (GB)
FS: Tashaun Gipson (HOU)
K: Graham Gano (CAR)
P: Chris Jones (DAL)
HC: Adam Gase (NYJ)
OC: Kliff Kingsbury (ARI)
DC: Gregg Williams (NYJ)
STC: Darren Rizzi (NO)
PS: Josh Kline (MIN), Michael Gallup (DAL), Mark Andrews (BAL), Pierre Desir (IND), Mike Pennel (NE)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 75, Run D Priority: 10
Stadium - Emerald Hill Zone - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 29, Precip: 80, Wind: 30
Primary Color - Blue, Secondary Color - Silver

Blue Division

Anchorage Eskimos (Owner: Counselor)
QB: Cam Newton (CAR)
RB: Alvin Kamara (NO), Derrius Guice (WAS)
FB: C.J. Ham (MIN)
TE: T.J. Hockenson (DET)
WR: JuJu Smith-Schuster (PIT), Tyler Lockett (SEA), Deebo Samuel (SF)
OT: Nate Solder (NYG), Ja'Wuan James (DEN)
OG: Quenton Nelson (IND), Chris Lindstrom (ATL)
C: Garrett Bradbury (MIN)
DE: Nick Bosa (SF), Clelin Ferrell (OAK)
DT: Larry Ogunjobi (CLE), Dexter Lawrence (NYG)
OLB: Anthony Barr (MIN), Jarrad Davis (DET)
MLB: Bobby Wagner (SEA)
CB: Kyle Fuller (CHI), Mike Hughes (MIN)
SS: Budda Baker (ARI)
FS: Kevin Byard (TEN)
K: Jake Elliott (PHI)
P: Johnny Townsend (OAK)
HC: Pat Shurmur (NYG)
OC: Dirk Koetter (ATL)
DC: Jim Schwartz (PHI)
STC: Joe DeCamillis (JAX)
PS: Dwayne Haskins (WAS), Nasir Adderley (LAC), A.J. Brown (TEN), Miles Sanders (PHI), Christian Kirk (ARI)*

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 3

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 75, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 75, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium - Yeti Stadium - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 5, Precip: 60, Wind: 78
Primary Color - Light Blue, Secondary Color - Dark Blue

Chicago Fire (Owner: pwny)
QB: Jared Goff (LAR)
RB: Lamar Miller (HOU), Leonard Fournette (JAX)
FB: Kyle Juszczyk (SF)
TE: Austin Hooper (ATL)
WR: Julio Jones (ATL), Michael Thomas Jr. (NO), Dez Bryant (FA)
OT: Jake Matthews (ATL), Cam Robinson (JAX)
OG: Shaq Mason (NE), Mike Iupati (SEA)
C: Jason Kelce (PHI)
DE: Jason Pierre-Paul (TB), Mario Addison (CAR)
DT: Sheldon Rankins (NO), Marcell Dareus (JAX)
OLB: Sean Lee (DAL), Danny Trevathan (CHI)
MLB: Christian Kirksey (CLE)
CB: Darius Slay (DET), Johnathan Joseph (HOU)
SS: Harrison Smith (MIN)
FS: Tyrann Mathieu (KC)
K: Justin Tucker (BAL)
P: Johnny Hekker (LAR)
HC: Andy Reid (KC)
OC: Doug Pederson (PHI)
DC: Wade Phillips (LAR)
STC: Dave Toub (KC)
PS: Logan Ryan (TEN), Star Lotulelei (BUF), Ronald Darby (PHI), John Ross (CIN)*, Wesley Woodyard (TEN)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (CHI), S19 5th Round Pick (CHI), S20 1st Round Pick (CHI)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 2, Season 15

Coaching Strategy  - Run Chance: 44, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 39, Offensive Ag: 49, Defensive Ag: 52, Run D Priority: 46
Stadium - Union Station - Type: Dome, Timezone: Central, Temp: 25, Precip: 50, Wind: 95
Primary Color - Red, Secondary Color - Blue

Little Rock Uni Royals (Owner: Glen)
QB: Alex Smith (WAS)
RB: Melvin Gordon (LAC), Kareem Hunt (CLE)
FB: Tre Madden (FA)
TE: Tyler Eifert (CIN)
WR: Antonio Brown (OAK), Sammy Watkins (KC), Cole Beasley (BUF)
OT: Mitchell Schwartz (KC), Garett Bolles (DEN)
OG: Larry Warford (NO), Joe Thuney (NE)
C: Travis Frederick (DAL)
DE: Fletcher Cox (PHI), Tyrone Crawford (DAL)
NT: Brandon J. Williams (BAL)
OLB: Demario Davis (NO), Jabaal Sheard (IND)
ILB: C.J. Mosley (NYJ), Ryan Kerrigan (WAS)
CB: Chris Harris Jr. (DEN), Brandon Carr (BAL)
SS: Tony Jefferson (BAL)
FS: Marcus A. Williams (NO)
K: Brandon McManus (DEN)
P: Matt Haack (MIA)
HC: Dan Quinn (ATL)
OC: Jay Gruden (WAS)
DC: Jeff Fisher (FA)
STC: Jimbo Fisher (FA)
PS: Marquez Valdes-Scantling (GB), James Washington (PIT)*, Dak Prescott (DAL), Teddy Bridgewater (NO), Mason Rudolph (PIT)

S19 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (LR), S20 1st Round Pick (LR)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 12

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 50, Field Goal Try: 42, Offensive Ag: 45, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - Pebble Stadium - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Central, Temp: 95, Precip: 15, Wind: 90
Primary Color - Blue, Secondary Color - White

Kansas City Knights (Owner: PSID412)

QB: Derek Carr (OAK)
RB: Chris Carson (SEA), Chris Thompson (WAS)*
FB: Ricky Ortiz (ATL)
TE: Evan Engram (NYG)
WR: Adam Humphries (TEN), D.K. Metcalf (SEA), Terry McLaurin (WAS)
OT: Andre Smith (FA), Ronnie Stanley (BAL)
OG: Brandon Scherff (WAS), Will Hernandez (NYG)
C: Erik McCoy (NO)
DE: Michael Bennett (NE), L.J. Collier (SEA)
DT: Abry Jones (JAX), Timmy Jernigan (PHI)
OLB: Leonard Floyd (CHI), Christian Jones (DET)
MLB: Jordan Hicks (ARI)
CB: Malcolm Butler (TEN), DeAndre Baker (NYG)
SS: Malcolm Jenkins (PHI)
FS: Devin McCourty (NE)
K: Stephen Gostkowski (NE)
P: Sam Koch (BAL)
HC: Kyle Shanahan (SF)
OC: Eric Bieniemy (KC)
DC: Don Martindale (BAL)
STC: Joe Judge (NE)
PS: Cameron Johnston (PHI), Drew Lock (DEN), Taco Charlton (DAL), Julian Love (NYG), Dion Lewis (TEN)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 70, Field Goal Try: 35, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - The Castle - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Central, Temp: 65, Precip: 35, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Silver, Secondary Color - Green

Tacoma Thunder (Owner: khodder)

QB: Aaron Rodgers (GB)
RB: Nick Chubb (CLE), Gus Edwards (BAL)
FB: James Develin (NE)
TE: Travis Kelce (KC)
WR: Robby Anderson (NYJ), Will Fuller (HOU), Sterling Shepard (NYG)
OT: Bryan Bulaga (GB), Taylor Decker (DET)
OG: Trai Turner (CAR), Kyle Long (CHI)
C: Mitch Morse (BUF)
DE: Mike Daniels (GB), Shelby Harris (DEN)
NT: Dontari Poe (CAR)
OLB: Chandler Jones (ARI), Preston Smith (GB)
ILB: Zach Brown (PHI), Anthony Hitchens (KC)
CB: A.J. Bouye (JAX), Jimmy Smith (BAL)
SS: HaHa Clinton-Dix (CHI)
FS: Reshad Jones (MIA)
K: Chris Boswell (PIT)
P: Kevin Huber (CIN)
HC: Bill O'Brien (HOU)
OC: Aaron Kromer (LAR)
DC: Chuck Pagano (CHI)
STC: Richard Bisaccia (OAK)
PS: Mecole Hardman (KC)*, Jerry Tillery (LAC), Chase Winovich (NE), Dre'Mont Jones (DEN), Yodny Cajuste (NE)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Guacamole Trophies: Season 8

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 37, Offensive Ag: 40, Defensive Ag: 88, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium – The Hammerdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: Pacific, Temp: 56, Precip: 88, Wind: 78
Primary Color - Dark Blue, Secondary Color - Gray

Salsa Conference

Green Division

Iowa Jagwads (Owner: Adrenaline_Flux)

QB: Drew Brees (NO)
RB: Phillip Lindsay (DEN), David Montgomery (CHI)
FB: Benny Snell (PIT)
TE: George Kittle (SF)
WR: Riley Ridley (CHI), Anthony Miller (CHI), Hunter Renfrow (OAK)
OT: Riley Reiff (MIN), Jawaan Taylor (JAX)
OG: Andrus Peat (NO), Laurent Duvernay-Tardif (KC)
C: David Andrews (NE)
DE: Yannick Ngakoue (JAX), Kyle Van Noy (NE)
DT: Kawann Short (CAR), Zach Allen (ARI)
OLB: Matt Milano (BUF), Montez Sweat (WAS)
MLB: Josey Jewell (DEN)
CB: Tre'Davious White (BUF), Prince Amukamara (CHI)
SS: Quandre Diggs (DET)
FS: Desmond King (LAC)
K: Jason Myers (SEA)
P: Bryan Anger (FA)
HC: Doug Marrone (JAX)
OC: Rick Dennison (FA)
DC: Todd Wash (JAX)
STC: Thomas McGaughey (NYG)
PS: Taven Bryan (JAX), Joshua Jackson (GB), Rock Ya-Sin (IND), Hakeem Butler (ARI), D.J. Chark (JAX)*

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (LR), S19 1st Round Pick (EGY), S19 5th Round Pick (RIC), S19 5th Round Pick (IND), S19 5th Round Pick (CHI), S19 7th Round Pick (REY), S20 1st Round Pick (EGY), S20 1st Round Pick (LR), S20 9th Round Pick (SA), S19 3rd Round Pick (IOW), S20 9th Round Pick (IOW)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 1, Season 11, Season 17

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 50, Field Goal Try: 46, Offensive Ag: 100, Defensive Ag: 100, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium - Corn Field - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Central, Temp: 50, Precip: 35, Wind: 38
Primary Color - Teal, Secondary Color - Gold

Miami Sharks (Owner: YoungBucs15)

QB: Russell Wilson (SEA)
RB: Marlon Mack (IND), Duke Johnson (CLE)
FB: Derek Watt (LAC)
TE: Cameron Brate (TB)
WR: DeSean Jackson (PHI), Chris Godwin (TB), Marquise Goodwin (SF)*
OT: Alejandro Villanueva (PIT), Trent Brown (OAK)
OG: Kelechi Osemele (NYJ), Ali Marpet (TB)
C: Justin Britt (SEA)
DE: J.J. Watt (HOU), Joshua Allen (JAX)
DT: Gerald McCoy (CAR), Javon Hargrave (PIT)
OLB: Jayon Brown (TEN), Kiko Alonso (MIA)
MLB: Devin White (TB)
CB: Richard Sherman (SF), Marshon Lattimore (NO)
SS: Patrick Chung (NE)
FS: Minkah Fitzpatrick (MIA)
K: Matt Bryant (FA)
P: Bradley Pinion (TB)
HC: Bruce Arians (TB)
OC: Todd Monken (CLE)
DC: Brian Flores (MIA)
STC: Nate Kaczor (WAS)
PS: Dante Fowler Jr. (LAR), Jason Verrett (SF), Jeffery Simmons (TEN), Damien Williams (KC), Sean Bunting (TB)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (PHO)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 53, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 36, Offensive Ag: 70, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - MusclePharm Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 85, Precip: 85, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Red, Secondary Color - Dark Gray

Richmond Flying Squirrels (Owner: swoosh)

QB: Deshaun Watson (HOU)
RB: Devonta Freeman (ATL), Kerryon Johnson (DET)
FB: Rashaad Penny (SEA)
TE: Jimmy Graham (GB)
WR: A.J. Green (CIN), Brandin Cooks (LAR), Golden Tate (NYG)
OT: Terron Armstead (NO), Russell Okung (LAC)
OG: Rodger Saffold (TEN), Marcus Cannon (NE)
C: Alex Mack (ATL)
DE: Everson Griffen (MIN), Melvin Ingram (LAC)
DT: Grady Jarrett (ATL), Eddie Goldman (CHI)
OLB: Myles Jack (JAX), Cory Littleton (LAR)
MLB: Deion Jones (ATL)
CB: Trumaine Johnson (NYJ), Marcus Peters (LAR)
SS: Jabrill Peppers (NYG)
FS: Damontae Kazee (ATL)
K: Wil Lutz (NO)
P: Brett Kern (TEN)
HC: Sean Payton (NO)
OC: Pete Carmichael (NO)
DC: Mike Zimmer (MIN)
STC: John Harbaugh (BAL)
PS: Pharoh Cooper (ARI)*, Christian Wilkins (MIA), Maurice Hurst (OAK), Aaron Jones (GB), Robert Quinn (DAL)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 3rd Round Pick (HAN), S19 7th Round Pick (FRE), S19 5th Round Pick (RIC), S19 6th Round Pick (RIC)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 30, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 65, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - The Nut House - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 50, Precip: 74, Wind: 45
Primary Color - Light Red, Secondary Color - Gray

Scranton Papermakers (Owner: Scalamania)

QB: Matthew Stafford (DET)
RB: Ezekiel Elliott (DAL), LeSean McCoy (BUF)
FB: Marcel Reece (FA)
TE: Eric Ebron (IND)
WR: Larry Fitzgerald (ARI), Tyler Boyd (CIN), Marvin Jones (DET)
OT: Eric Fisher (KC), Taylor Moton (CAR)
OG: Austin Blythe (LAR), Lane Taylor (GB)
C: Corey Linsley (GB)
DE: Henry Anderson (NYJ), Leonard Williams (NYJ)
NT: Steve McLendon (NYJ)
OLB: Jadeveon Clowney (HOU), Joey Bosa (LAC)
ILB: Jaylon Smith (DAL), Telvin Smith (JAX)
CB: Desmond Trufant (ATL), Joe Haden (PIT)
SS: Jamal Adams (NYJ)
FS: Tre Boston (FA)
K: Harrison Butker (KC)
P: Rigoberto Sanchez (IND)
HC: Jim Harbaugh (FA)
OC: Matt LaFleur (GB)
DC: Todd Bowles (TB)
STC: Mike Priefer (CLE)
PS: Kyler Murray (ARI), Morgan Moses (WAS), Andre Roberts (BUF)*, Sam Hubbard (CIN), Jerry Hughes (BUF)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 3rd Round Pick (SCR), S19 4th Round Pick (SCR)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 16

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 55, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - The Dunderdome - Type: Dome, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 60, Precip: 50, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Royal Purple, Secondary Color - White

Phoenix Rattlers (Owner: bucsfan333)

QB: Kirk Cousins (MIN)
RB: James Conner (PIT), Frank Gore (BUF)
FB: Andy Janovich (DEN)
TE: Jared Cook (NO)
WR: Mike Evans (TB), Stefon Diggs (MIN), Corey Davis (TEN)
OT: Kelvin Beachum (NYJ), Jonah Williams (CIN)
OG: Greg Mancz (HOU), Graham Glasgow (DET)
C: Ryan Jensen (TB)
DE: Vita Vea (TB), Michael Pierce (BAL)
NT: Linval Joseph (MIN)
OLB: Olivier Vernon (CLE), Ezekiel Ansah (SEA)
ILB: Clay Matthews (LAR), Vontaze Burfict (OAK)
CB: Xavien Howard (MIA), Marlon Humphrey (BAL)
SS: D.J. Swearinger (ARI)
FS: Lamarcus Joyner (OAK)
K: Matt Prater (DET)
P: Matt Bosher (ATL)
HC: Dabo Swinney (FA)
OC: Dante Scarnecchia (FA)
DC: Richard LeBeau (FA)
STC: Keith Armstrong (TB)
PS: Cordarrelle Patterson (CHI)*, Harold Landry (TEN), Takkarist McKinley (ATL), Robert Foster (BUF), Shaquil Barrett (TB)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (PHO), S19 2nd Round Pick (PHO)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 40, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 43, Offensive Ag: 60, Defensive Ag: 50, Run D Priority: 40
Stadium - MJK Coliseum - Type: Outdoor Dirt, Timezone: Mountain, Temp: 82, Precip: 5, Wind: 20
Primary Color - Light Green, Secondary Color - Light Orange

Yellow Division

Rocket City Trash Pandas (Owner: EaglesPeteC)

QB: Jameis Winston (TB)
RB: Christian McCaffrey (CAR), Josh Jacobs (OAK)
FB: Dallas Goedert (PHI)
TE: Zach Ertz (PHI)
WR: Davante Adams (GB), Mike Williams (LAC), Marquise Brown (BAL)*
OT: Lane Johnson (PHI), Jack Conklin (TEN)
OG: Mark Glowinski (IND), Laken Tomlinson (SF)
C: J.C. Tretter (CLE)
DE: Derek Barnett (PHI), Brian Burns (CAR)
DT: Jarran Reed (SEA), Ed Oliver (BUF)
OLB: Fred Warner (SF), Nigel Bradham (PHI)
MLB: Tremaine Edmunds (BUF)
CB: Donte Jackson (CAR), Bryce Callahan (DEN)
SS: Bradley McDougald (SEA)
FS: Eddie Jackson (CHI)
K: Greg Zuerlein (LAR)
P: Michael Dickson (SEA)
HC: Frank Reich (IND)
OC: Greg Roman (BAL)
DC: Nick Saban (FA)
STC: Dave Fipp (PHI)
PS: Sam Darnold (NYJ), Jimmy Garoppolo (SF), Byron Murphy (ARI), Trey Flowers (DET), Greedy Williams (CLE)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 5th Round Pick (REY), S19 6th Round Pick (RIC)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 5

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 65, RB1 Chance: 60, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 69, Run D Priority: 66
Stadium - No Man's Land - Type: Outdoor Turf, Timezone: Central, Temp: 35, Precip: 45, Wind: 15
Primary Color - Gray, Secondary Color - Blue

Southview Saints (Owner: waffles7)
QB: Ben Roethlisberger (PIT)
RB: Le'Veon Bell (NYJ), Tevin Coleman (SF)
FB: Roosevelt Nix (PIT)
TE: O.J. Howard (TB)
WR: Odell Beckham Jr. (CLE), Jarvis Landry (CLE), Chris Hogan (CAR)
OT: Taylor Lewan (TEN), La'el Collins (DAL)
OG: Ramon Foster (PIT), Justin Pugh (ARI)
C: Maurkice Pouncey (PIT)
DE: Stephon Tuitt (PIT), Michael Brockers (LAR)
NT: Jonathan Allen (WAS)
OLB: Von Miller (DEN), T.J. Watt (PIT)
ILB: Dont'a Hightower (NE), Kwon Alexander (SF)
CB: Jalen Ramsey (JAX), Gareon Conley (OAK)
SS: Antoine Bethea (NYG)
FS: Jordan Poyer (BUF)
K: Dustin Hopkins (WAS)
P: Ryan Allen (NE)
HC: Mike Tomlin (PIT)
OC: Jason Garrett (DAL)
DC: Romeo Crennel (HOU)
STC: Danny Smith (PIT)
PS: Baker Mayfield (CLE), Parris Campbell (IND)*, Jachai Polite (NYJ), Chauncey Gardner-Johnson (NO), Diontae Johnson (PIT)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Quacamole Trophies: Season 10

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 50, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 70, Defensive Ag: 72, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - The George Daniels Dome - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 70, Precip: 30, Wind: 10
Primary Color - Navy Blue, Secondary Color - Red

Indianapolis Predators (Owner: RandyMossIsBoss)
QB: Matt Ryan (ATL)
RB: Joe Mixon (CIN), Jordan Howard (PHI)
FB: Jamize Olawale (DAL)
TE: Hunter Henry (LAC)
WR: Cooper Kupp (LAR), Julian Edelman (NE), Demaryius Thomas (NE)
OT: Tyron Smith (DAL), Donald Penn (FA)
OG: Frank Ragnow (DET), Marcus Gilbert (ARI)
C: Rodney Hudson (OAK)
DE: Khalil Mack (CHI), Myles Garrett (CLE)
DT: DeForest Buckner (SF), Quinnen Williams (NYJ)
OLB: Thomas Davis (LAC), Brandon M. Marshall (OAK)
MLB: Joe Schobert (CLE)
CB: Denzel Ward (CLE), Kendall Fuller (KC)
SS: Eric Berry (FA)
FS: Jessie Bates (CIN)
K: Mason Crosby (GB)
P: Britton Colquitt (CLE)
HC: Sean McVay (LAR)
OC: Freddie Kitchens (CLE)
DC: Sean McDermott (BUF)
STC: Brant Boyer (NYJ)
PS: Kam Chancellor (FA), Noah Fant (DEN), Kemoko Turay (IND), Andy Isabella (ARI), Jakeem Grant (MIA)*

S19 Keeper Tags: 21
Picks: S19 3rd Round Pick (IOW), S19 5th Round Pick (EGY), S19 5th Round Pick (IND)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 45, RB1 Chance: 77, Field Goal Try: 38, Offensive Ag: 53, Defensive Ag: 62, Run D Priority: 38
Stadium - Fiesta Stadium - Type: Retractable Roof, Timezone: East Coast, Temp: 40, Precip: 2, Wind: 50
Primary Color - Dark Green, Secondary Color - Dark Red

Freiburg Venom (Owner: SirA1)
QB: Andy Dalton (CIN)
RB: LeGarrette Blount (FA), Derrick Henry (TEN)
FB: Patrick Ricard (BAL)
TE: Greg Olsen (CAR)
WR: DeVante Parker (MIA), D.J. Moore (CAR), Dede Westbrook (JAX)
OT: Laremy Tunsil (MIA), Daryl Williams (CAR)
OG: Joel Bitonio (CLE), D.J. Fluker (SEA)
C: Ryan Kelly (IND)
DE: Dee Ford (SF), Frank Clark (KC)
DT: Geno Atkins (CIN), Da'Ron Payne (WAS)
OLB: Jamie Collins (NE), Zach Cunningham (HOU)
MLB: Patrick Onwuasor (BAL)
CB: Byron Jones (DAL), Trae Waynes (MIN)
SS: Landon Collins (WAS)
FS: Darnell Savage (GB)
K: Ka'Imi Fairbairn (HOU)
P: Lachlan Edwards (NYJ)
HC: Mike Vrabel (TEN)
OC: Lincoln Riley (FA)
DC: Vic Fangio (DEN)
STC: Craig Aukerman (TEN)
PS: Adoree Jackson (TEN)*, N'Keal Harry (NE), Nick Foles (JAX), Sony Michel (NE), Curtis Samuel (CAR)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 2nd Round Pick (FRE), S19 7th Round Pick (FRE)

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 35, RB1 Chance: 65, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 75, Defensive Ag: 65, Run D Priority: 45
Stadium - Altstadt - Type: Outdoor Grass, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 60, Precip: 35, Wind: 35
Primary Color - Gold, Secondary Color - Maroon

Egypt Starfalls (Owner: El ramster)
QB: Carson Wentz (PHI)
RB: Todd Gurley (LAR), Isaiah Crowell (OAK)
FB: Carlos Hyde (KC)
TE: Jordan Reed (WAS)
WR: Robert Woods (LAR), Josh Gordon (NE), Allen Robinson (CHI)
OT: Andrew Whitworth (LAR), Duane Brown (SEA)
OG: Brandon Brooks (PHI), Gabe Jackson (OAK)
C: Mike Pouncey (LAC)
DE: Demarcus Lawrence (DAL), Malik Jackson (PHI)
DT: Aaron Donald (LAR), Sheldon Richardson (CLE)
OLB: Bruce Irvin (CAR), Kyler Fackrell (GB)
MLB: Reuben Foster (WAS)
CB: Janoris Jenkins (NYG), Jaire Alexander (GB)
SS: Derwin James (LAC)
FS: Damarious Randall (CLE)
K: Aldrick Rosas (NYG)
P: Dustin Colquitt (KC)
HC: Bill Belichick (NE)
OC: Matt Nagy (CHI)
DC: Ron Rivera (CAR)
STC: John Fassel (LAR)
PS: J.C. Jackson (NE), David Long (LAR), Kenny Moore (IND), Tavon Austin (DAL)*, Darrell Henderson (LAR)

S19 Keeper Tags: 20
Picks: S19 1st Round Pick (EGY), S19 4th Round Pick (EGY), S19 5th Round Pick (EGY), S20 1st Round Pick (EGY)
Guacamole Trophies: Season 7

Coaching Strategy - Run Chance: 58, RB1 Chance: 80, Field Goal Try: 40, Offensive Ag: 55, Defensive Ag: 60, Run D Priority: 55
Stadium - Dawn - Type: Outdoor Dirt, Timezone: Europe, Temp: 35, Precip: 45, Wind: 25
Primary Color - Magenta, Secondary Color - Silver


Cheesy Conference

Red Division

  1. Rio de Janeiro Pirates (10-3)
  2. South Africa Woolly Mammoths (9-4)
  3. Seattle Sonics (7-6)
  4. Reykjavík Direwolves (7-6)
  5. Hanoi Viet Kongs (4-9)

Blue Division

  1. Chicago Fire (9-4)
  2. Little Rock Uni Royals (7-6)
  3. Anchorage Eskimos (5-8)
  4. Tacoma Thunder (4-9)
  5. Kansas City Knights (3-10) e

Salsa Conference

Green Division

  1. Phoenix Rattlers (9-4)
  2. Scranton Papermakers (8-5)
  3. Richmond Flying Squirrels (7-6)
  4. Miami Sharks (6-7)
  5. Iowa Jagwads (3-10) e

Yellow Division

  1. Egypt Starfalls (9-4)
  2. Indianapolis Predators (8-5)
  3. Southview Saints (7-6)
  4. Freiburg Venom (6-7)
  5. Rocket City Trash Pandas (2-11) e

x - Clinched playoff berth.
y - Clinched division.
z - Clinched homefield advantage.
e - Eliminated from playoff contention.


PRESEASON (Tue, June 11)
Chicago Fire 32 @ Iowa Jagwads 23
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 23 @ Freiburg Venom 19
Anchorage Eskimos 30 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 19
Richmond Flying Squirrels 37 @ Egypt Starfalls 28
Rocket City Trash Pandas 33 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 36
Hanoi Viet Kings 13 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 30
Reykjavík Direwolves 27 vs Freiburg Venom 20*
Scranton Papermakers 27 vs South Africa Woolly Mammoths 33
Chicago Fire 24 vs Phoenix Rattlers 17
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31 vs Reykjavík Direwolves 24**
Tacoma Thunder 13 vs Iowa Jagwads 24
Phoenix Rattlers 27 vs Tacoma Thunder 34
Little Rock Uni Royals 10 vs Indianapolis Predators 20
Indianapolis Predators 16 vs Egypt Starfalls 21
*Rio de Janeiro international game
**Egypt international game

WEEK 1 (Thu, June 13)
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31 @ Iowa Jagwads 17
Miami Sharks 31 @ Scranton Papermakers 34
Kansas City Knights 24 @ Chicago Fire 34
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 20 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 30
Southview Saints 21 @ Indianapolis Predators 27
Phoenix Rattlers 26 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 25
Anchorage Eskimos 20 @ Egypt Starfalls 23
Little Rock Uni Royals 30 @ Seattle Sonics 26
Tacoma Thunder 13 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 23
Rocket City Trash Pandas 16 @ Freiburg Venom 30

WEEK 2 (Sun, June 16)
Little Rock Uni Royals 16 @ Freiburg Venom 23
Seattle Sonics 16 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 27
Iowa Jagwads 33 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 24
Kansas City Knights 19 @ Tacoma Thunder 44
Reykjavík Direwolves 22 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 21
Egypt Starfalls 22 @ Phoenix Rattlers 30
Chicago Fire 27 @ Southview Saints 24
Scranton Papermakers 35 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 30
Miami Sharks 27 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 34
Indianapolis Predators 24 @ Anchorage Eskimos 31

WEEK 3 (Wed, June 19)
Anchorage Eskimos 10 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 37
Rocket City Trash Pandas 27 @ Chicago Fire 33
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 34 @ Kansas City Knights 23
Reykjavík Direwolves 16 @ Scranton Papermakers 26
Richmond Flying Squirrels 37 @ Seattle Sonics 31
Indianapolis Predators 27 @ Tacoma Thunder 16
Egypt Starfalls 14 @ Southview Saints 26
Freiburg Venom 9 @ Phoenix Rattlers 24
Hanoi Viet Kongs 10 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 31
Iowa Jagwads 24 @ Miami Sharks 30

WEEK 4 (Sat, June 22)
Southview Saints 24 @ Anchorage Eskimos 20
Miami Sharks 10 @ Seattle Sonics 26
Tacoma Thunder 27 @ Chicago Fire 20
Richmond Flying Squirrels 17 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 27
Scranton Papermakers 31 @ Iowa Jagwads 21
Freiburg Venom 6 @ Egypt Starfalls 13
Kansas City Knights 33 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 34
Little Rock Uni Royals 23 @ Indianapolis Predators 37
Phoenix Rattlers 17 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 27
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 23 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 17

WEEK 5 (Tue, June 25)
Little Rock Uni Royals 23 @ Kansas City Knights 30
Hanoi Viet Kongs 17 @ Miami Sharks 27
Seattle Sonics 22 @ Iowa Jagwads 19
Anchorage Eskimos 23 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 34
Southview Saints 31 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 26
Scranton Papermakers 16 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 32
Chicago Fire 27 @ Egypt Starfalls 23
Reykjavík Direwolves 38 @ Phoenix Rattlers 21
Indianapolis Predators 26 @ Freiburg Venom 32
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 38 @ Tacoma Thunder 33

WEEK 6 (Fri, June 28)
Chicago Fire 23 @ Seattle Sonics 20
Hanoi Viet Kongs 32 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 35
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 27 @ Scranton Papermakers 33
Rocket City Trash Pandas 17 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 27
Miami Sharks 24 @ Indianapolis Predators 33
Egypt Starfalls 27 @ Tacoma Thunder 25
Iowa Jagwads 16 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 24
Phoenix Rattlers 28 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 23
Freiburg Venom 3 @ Southview Saints 27
Kansas City Knights 17 @ Anchorage Eskimos 24

WEEK 7 (Mon, July 1)
Kansas City Knights 17 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 24
Phoenix Rattlers 20 @ Scranton Papermakers 17
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 27 @ Seattle Sonics 23
Reykjavík Direwolves 33 @ Chicago Fire 27
Egypt Starfalls 32 @ Indianapolis Predators 27*
Miami Sharks 37 @ Iowa Jagwads 23
Tacoma Thunder 25 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 28
Richmond Flying Squirrels 27 @ Southview Saints 30
Freiburg Venom 13 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 24
Little Rock Uni Royals 29 @ Anchorage Eskimos 20
*London international game

WEEK 8 (Fri, July 5)
Tacoma Thunder 19 @ Freiburg Venom 17
Southview Saints 14 @ Egypt Starfalls 15
Seattle Sonics 24 @ Kansas City Knights 13
Reykjavík Direwolves 23 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 27
Scranton Papermakers 29 @ Miami Sharks 37
Iowa Jagwads 34 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 20
Anchorage Eskimos 22 @ Chicago Fire 29
Richmond Flying Squirrels 16 @ Phoenix Rattlers 27
Indianapolis Predators 26 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 23
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 27 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 37

WEEK 9 (Mon, July 8)
Little Rock Uni Royals 31 @ Tacoma Thunder 34
Chicago Fire 34 @ Kansas City Knights 17
Indianapolis Predators 35 @ Southview Saints 30
Hanoi Viet Kongs 27 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 31
Freiburg Venom 24 @ Scranton Papermakers 34
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 33 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 38
Iowa Jagwads 13 @ Phoenix Rattlers 34
Rocket City Trash Pandas 17 @ Egypt Starfalls 31
Seattle Sonics 23 @ Anchorage Eskimos 20
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 23 @ Miami Sharks 16

WEEK 10 (Thu, July 11)
Chicago Fire 34 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 40
Miami Sharks 20 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 14
Richmond Flying Squirrels 34 @ Iowa Jagwads 17
Kansas City Knights 16 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 26*
Anchorage Eskimos 31 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 21
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 37 @ Tacoma Thunder 34
Phoenix Rattlers 17 @ Indianapolis Predators 13
Hanoi Viet Kongs 22 @ Seattle Sonics 27
Scranton Papermakers 24 @ Southview Saints 15
Egypt Starfalls 20 @ Freiburg Venom 27
*Tokyo international game

WEEK 11 (Sun, July 14)
Rocket City Trash Pandas 28 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 33
Iowa Jagwads 17 @ Freiburg Venom 32
Scranton Papermakers 14 @ Egypt Starfalls 17
Rio de Janeiro Pirates 26 @ Hanoi Viet Kongs 17
Southview Saints 27 @ Miami Sharks 20
Phoenix Rattlers 24 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 33
Tacoma Thunder 16 @ Anchorage Eskimos 23
Reykjavík Direwolves 21 @ Seattle Sonics 30
Little Rock Uni Royals 31 @ Chicago Fire 34
Kansas City Knights 18 @ Indianapolis Predators 35

WEEK 12 (Wed, July 17)
Iowa Jagwads 24 @ Scranton Papermakers 30
Hanoi Viet Kongs 27 @ Anchorage Eskimos 30
Seattle Sonics 29 @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths 38
Rocket City Trash Pandas 13 @ Southview Saints 24
Indianapolis Predators 37 @ Richmond Flying Squirrels 31
Egypt Starfalls 33 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 10
Freiburg Venom 19 @ Kansas City Knights 27
Chicago Fire 31 @ Tacoma Thunder 27
Reykjavík Direwolves 26 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 35*
Miami Sharks 28 @ Phoenix Rattlers 31
*Mexico City international game

WEEK 13 (Sat, July 20)
Egypt Starfalls 27 @ Rocket City Trash Pandas 14
Tacoma Thunder 20 @ Little Rock Uni Royals 23
Hanoi Viet Kongs 26 @ Chicago Fire 17
Scranton Papermakers 31 @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates 33
Seattle Sonics 29 @ Phoenix Rattlers 27
South Africa Woolly Mammoths 27 @ Reykjavík Direwolves 33
Richmond Flying Squirrels 28 @ Miami Sharks 31
Anchorage Eskimos 17 @ Kansas City Knights 25
Freiburg Venom 24 @ Indianapolis Predators 21
Southview Saints 23 @ Iowa Jagwads 27

WEEK 14 (Tue, July 23)
Indianapolis Predators @ Scranton Papermakers
Phoenix Rattlers @ Iowa Jagwads
Reykjavík Direwolves @ Hanoi Viet Kongs
Kansas City Knights @ Rocket City Trash Pandas
Richmond Flying Squirrels @ Freiburg Venom
Little Rock Uni Royals @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths
Tacoma Thunder @ Southview Saints
Rio de Janeiro Pirates @ Seattle Sonics
Miami Sharks @ Egypt Starfalls
Chicago Fire @ Anchorage Eskimos

WEEK 15 (Fri, July 26)
Seattle Sonics @ Reykjavík Direwolves
Freiburg Venom @ Chicago Fire
Indianapolis Predators @ Egypt Starfalls
Hanoi Viet Kongs @ South Africa Woolly Mammoths
Anchorage Eskimos @ Tacoma Thunder
Iowa Jagwads @ Richmond Flying Squirrels
Southview Saints @ Kansas City Knights
Rocket City Trash Pandas @ Miami Sharks
Rio de Janeiro Pirates @ Little Rock Uni Royals
Scranton Papermakers @ Phoenix Rattlers

WEEK 16 (Mon, July 29)
Phoenix Rattlers @ Miami Sharks
Richmond Flying Squirrels @ Scranton Papermakers
Southview Saints @ Freiburg Venom
Rocket City Trash Pandas @ Indianapolis Predators
South Africa Woolly Mammoths @ Rio de Janeiro Pirates
Seattle Sonics @ Hanoi Viet Kongs
Tacoma Thunder @ Kansas City Knights
Chicago Fire @ Little Rock Uni Royals
Egypt Starfalls @ Iowa Jagwads
Anchorage Eskimos @ Reykjavík Direwolves



ALL-STAR BOWL XV (Tue, August 6)
Cheesy All-Stars vs Salsa All-Stars

TACO BOWL XVIII (Wed, August 7)

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@SirA1@El ramster





@Tk3 @MookieMonstah @RuskieTitan @ravens5520 @Whicker @Malfatron


Yall know the drill by now.

Note, I haven't removed retired players from your teams yet. I will do this soonish. But wanted to get this up. Deadline to renew is this upcoming Monday.

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Over/Under 1 1/2 Wins for the Trash Pandas this season?????



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Looking iffy for me tbh. Plus FF is literally becoming 2019. Everything offends everyone. 

I’m less and less on this site. Maybe?I’ll know by sat for sure. Just been enjoying my line of work lately. 😁🤔

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Sure I'll play again. I like losing. It keeps me humble 

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RJ Pirates Trade Block

Devonta Freeman [16 GS]: 326 carries for 1,466 yards (4.50 YPC, 35 LNG), 13 touchdowns, 2 fumbles. 19 receptions for 197 yards (10.37 YPR, 25 LNG), 0 touchdowns, 3 drops.
Frank Gore [16 GS]: 123 carries for 632 yards (5.14 YPC, 27 LNG), 3 touchdowns. 29 receptions for 347 yards (11.97 YPR, 48 LNG), 4 touchdowns, 2 drops.
Anthony Sherman [16 GS]: 9 carries for 26 yards (2.89 YPC, 5 LNG), 0 touchdowns. 6 receptions for 50 yards (8.33 YPR, 15 LNG), 0 touchdowns, 1 drop. 28 pancakes.

Wide Receivers:
Marvin Jones [16 GS]: 82 receptions for 1,027 yards (12.52 YPR, 31 LNG), 7 touchdowns, 4 drops.
Robby Anderson [16 GS]: 80 receptions for 1,114 yards (13.93 YPR, 80 LNG), 8 touchdowns, 5 drops.
Nelson Agholor [11 GS]: 29 receptions for 353 yards (12.17 YPR, 28 LNG), 1 touchdown, 9 drops, 1 fumble.

Tight End:
Gone :(

Offensive Line:
Cordy Glenn [16 GS]: 22 pancakes, 9 sacks allowed, 9 stuffs allowed.
Zack Martin [16 GS]: 24 pancakes, 7 sacks allowed, 9 stuffs allowed.
Ben Jones [16 GS]: 22 pancakes, 8 sacks allowed, 15 stuffs allowed, 1 recovery.
Trai Turner [16 GS]: 22 pancakes, 6 sacks allowed, 8 stuffs allowed.
Eric Fisher [16 GS]: 23 pancakes, 13 sacks allowed, 11 stuffs allowed.

Defensive Line:
Larry Ogunjobi [16 GS]: 56 tackles (14 stuffs), 4 sacks, 2 forced fumbles, 2 recoveries.
Jurrell Casey [16 GS]: 52 tackles (11 stuffs), 2 coverages, 3 sacks, 1 recovery.

Terrell Suggs [16 GS]: 81 tackles (12 stuffs), 8 coverages, 9 sacks, 1 forced fumble, 1 recovery.
Leighton Vander Esch [16 GS]: 57 tackles (8 stuffs), 11 coverages, 4 sacks, 1 interception, 2 forced fumbles, 1 recovery.
Justin Houston [16 GS]: 74 tackles (5 stuffs), 6 coverages, 9 sacks, 2 forced fumbles.

Trumaine Johnson [16 GS]: 57 tackles (1 stuff), 71 coverages.

Karl Joseph [16 GS]: 89 tackles (4 stuffs), 14 coverages, 2 interceptions.
Malik Hooker [16 GS]: 83 tackles (1 stuff), 11 coverages, 2 forced fumbles, 1 recovery.

Adam Vinatieri [16 GS]: 44 of 46 (95.65%, 55 LNG) field goals. 46 of 47 extra points. 59 touchbacks.

Brett Kern [16 GS]: 70 punts for 3,282 yards (46.89 YPP, 71 LNG, 22 in 20).

Pharoh Cooper [16 GS]: 94 returns for 1,546 yards (16.45 YPR, 105 LNG), 2 touchdowns.

DeSean Jackson [7 GS]: 35 receptions for 435 yards (12.43 YPR, 32 LNG), 2 touchdowns, 4 drops.
Shaq Thompson [2 GS]: 13 tackles (1 stuff), 1 coverage, 1 sack. 



Looking for:

- Tags

- Draft Picks

- Keeper quality WRs, TEs, CBs

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My block:

Ty Hilton or Adam Thielen 

Earl Thomas or Kareem Jackson

3 tags (possibly)

looking for 

A strong keeper worthy player

2 tags (possibly)

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Current RJ Pirates tagged

QB: Patrick Mahomes (KC) - 4
DE: Ndamukong Suh (LAR) - 2
ILB: Luke Kuechly (CAR) - 2
CB: Josh Norman (WAS) - 3

Tags used: 11, Remaining: 9

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