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Honestly rate YOUR team's draft.

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On 5/3/2019 at 8:24 AM, Forge said:

For the 49ers...I think a lot will hinge on Hurd and the health of picks. I was a fan of the way it started out, but then it did lose some of it's luster on the back end. 

Bosa is largely a no brainer pick. He and QW were on their own tier separate from the rest of this class for most, and he played the bigger need. It's an easy A pick to me. 

Deebo was a guy I was a fan of, and I knew we were going to be as well. I commented in the Packers thread forum forever ago that I thought he was going to be the target at 36, and stuck with that throughout most of hte draft process. I thought maybe there was a chance we would like Brown more, but obviously that was not the case. Deebo was a fine pick for me, as I also liked Deebo, though I will admit that I did like Brown more. It's a solid B / B+ type  pick for me because the value was right, the player made a ton of sense, etc etc etc. 

Hurd in the third is where this gets interesting. He's a bit of a project, no doubt, but also, this is potentially one of the best landing spots in the NFL for him with Shanny. This is going to be a very intriguing pick. The question for me comes on how the roster construction comes, whether or not he's ready to contribute, etc. Selecting him in the third locks up his roster spot, and if we keep only 5 receivers, this becomes very interesting because I didn't think that Hurd was ready to come in and make a huge impact from an on field standpoint. I thought he would take a year or so. So if that is the case and we are only carrying 5, and as many as 3 of the others are potentially injury prone (Goodwin for sure, Pettis / Deebo certainly have some concern), that receiver corps could thin out in a hurry. So I get this pick...there is potentially huge upside in it, but for the immediate season, it does come with concern. 

Mitch Wishnowsky. We needed a punter, and he has been the best in college football. I hate older prospects, though it's not quite as bad when dealing with a punter. At least they moved down once to pick up some extra capital, but man, from a value standpoint, it's so hard to justify a punter in the 4th. And I was one of the few in the 49er forum advocating that we should spend a pick on a punter at some point in the draft. If it's a generational punter type prospect, I can understand a 5th (Dickson was a good example), but a 4th? Ugh. I mean, at best i'd give them a D from the value perspective, maybe a C- if you want to account for the trade down, but value wise, not a pick I can get behind. A 4th isn't the end of the world or anything, and if he's a legit punter, most really won't care in the end, but for right now? Just kind of blech. 

Dre Greenlaw in the 5th. Great dude. I'll start by saying that. Everything I have read about him just shows that he's got great character. But I did not like him as a prospect at all. There were others I preferred for sure. He's small, plays small. No attack dog to him at all. Chases the action rather than initiating it. Obviously, not going to be crushing a lot of fifth round picks in general, but just nothing to love here. 

Kaden Smith in the 6th was solid. Not great, but the pick makes a lot of sense. Hopefully will be a great red zone target in a niche role to start off. My hope is that maybe he can become sort of a poor man's Cameron Brate. 

Justin Skule in the 6th round. I'll never hate on adding to the trenches in the back rounds for projects. He's got a lot of experience, so there's that. Seems like a typical 6th round pick, nothing more or less. 

Tim Harris in the 6th round. Again, makes sense. Older than I like to draft, bad injury history (just like everyone else the 49ers acquire), but he's got an athletic upside you take shots on. 

So largely, if we are weighing the earlier picks heavier (as shoudl probably be the case), it's solid, and a lot will sway based on what Hurd can do at the next level. Rounds 4/5 were very questionable to me, and Round 6 was largely picks that made sense. 

I give your evaluation of our draft a D because you completely ignored our glaring hole at FS... just like our FO

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On 6/3/2019 at 11:25 PM, N4L said:

I give your evaluation of our draft a D because you completely ignored our glaring hole at FS... just like our FO

I still don't get that. How did they manage to convince themselves that what we have is acceptable?

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On 5/25/2019 at 10:06 AM, freak_of_nature said:

1. DT Wilkins

2. TRADE Rosen (and get a 2nd rounder in 2020 from NO)

3. OG Deiter

5. LB Van Ginkle

6. OT Prince

7. FB Cox

7. RB Gaskin

I'm on the fence about Rosen, but I think Miami played it perfectly, trading back to the end of the 2nd the using that pick to get Rosen. No complaints about that.

Wilkins seemed to be BPA. I'm happy with Deiter, Van Ginkle, and Prince.

My main complaint is using the 7th round picks for a UDFA FB and a RB3 when there seemed to be better players on the board.


I'm a Dolphins fan also. In the first round I thought the pick would be either Wilkins or Dexter Lawrence. I fully understand the Wilkins selection because it fits what the franchise is trying to do...inject enthusiasm and dependability and hope instead of another wasted year of Tannehill while fooling yourself but no one else. Taking Wilkins now is like decades ago when Miami used the first pick on A.J. Duhe, Likewise that was designed to transform the atmosphere around the facility, to inject spark and a college-type energy. It was wildly successful, until Duhe had a devastating injury and was never the same.

That said...I would have taken Dexter Lawrence. Not complicated. He was higher rated out of high school. He was higher rated a year ago in the early mocks. He was higher rated in the middle of the season. I am always huge on early analysis and not the late cram sessions getting closer to the draft. Everything tends to drift back to the beginning.

Lawrence is bigger than Wilkins and also owns a much higher RAS. Underrated as a pass rush talent. Not as dependable off the field and not as impressive during interviews. I can't argue with Miami's choice but it is kind of like last year with Minkah above Derwin James. You made the safer pick but the other guy is more impressive physically and owns a higher ceiling. 

The Josh Rosen move was the sharpest thing this franchise has done in decades. Certainly within this century. I really don't care how it pans out. I am a firm believer that the thought process atop an organization is key. These picks are examples not specifics. The Dolphins have had no chance given all the mediocre minds making key decisions. Therefore it really doesn't matter if they happen to stumble upon a correct choice. The next one will be Charles Harris, because they simply have no idea what they are doing. Make dozens of choices per year and squeeze a few percent above the norm on average, and now you've got a chance to be special once the sample size is high enough. 

This Rosen move was so phenomenal it was like it belonged to a different franchise. I didn't like him at #11 last year but now at #62 plus the bonus second for next year it had be smiling in anticipation all the way. This is a 5 star recruit who defeated invincible De La Salle for the state title. Early entrant who was 21 years old as a rookie. Contrast to prior Miami decisions like drafting 3-star Tannehill with the 8th pick. That was a kid who never started a college season opener at quarterback until beyond his 23rd birthday. Everything in his resume screamed what he was. Tannehill had never been special in comparison to his peers. Consequently he didn't think of himself as special. He was shocked whenever he won a big game.

And Miami stuck with that guy for 7 years. It should be the ultimate example of what not to do. I knew I could predict between 7 and 9 wins each season and never be too far off in either direction. No thought required. The Dolphins are the only team in the league that has won between 6 and 10 games every season since 2009. Now we might collapse for a season or two but it feels so incredible compared to the Tannehill Malaise. 

The Deiter pick was necessary, I guess. Miami leads the world in inability to identify offensive linemen beyond the first round. No logical reason for that. Consequently I was hoping we'd shake out of it by drafting a couple of interesting guys late. Didn't happen. I didn't like Prince from Ohio State. All you had to do was compare him to anyone else on that Buckeye line. Lousy body control, or as Tannebombs stated on Finheaven a complete disconnect between upper body and lower body. I don't see any upside. Deiter is a technician who looked fine other than against the Buckeye athletes, who exposed him somewhat. As long as we keep Deiter inside instead of desperation at tackle I think he'll be okay. Mostly I didn't want Andre Dillard in the first round. He was a 2-star recruit. At that point I don't care what it looks like in college or at the combine. Let somebody else make a move like that. In that opening round I want someone who has been the dominant blue blood all his life. 

Van Ginkle seems like an attempt at a poor man's Van Noy. But Van Noy was awesome in college, especially as a junior. New England took advantage of someone whose stock dropped far below talent level. The Dolphins are taking someone whose talent level is commensurate with how he has always been rated and where he was picked. Not exciting. 

I really wish the mindset responsible for the Wilkins pick and Rosen trade had been more evident throughout this draft. But because of those two moves I am somewhat of a believer that perhaps some of the later picks I wasn't thrilled with will pan out. The 7th round was remarkably dull with the two running backs. I like the idea of a fullback. But not that fullback. 

I'd say A early and C late. Since early is more significant I'll only drop it to B+. Minus Rosen it would be more like C+.



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On ‎5‎/‎5‎/‎2019 at 12:10 AM, SmittyBacall said:

I’ll give it a B or B- for the Bengals. I liked the Jonah pick. I don’t think he’s a guy who’s going to perform at an all-pro level, but will remain an above-average mainstay with the team for the next 10+ years. PrattI and Sample will prove to be solid, unspectacular starters - nothing that moves the needle. Wren is where this draft could really boom. If he puts his game together he could be the best player period from this class. I liked the value in that pick as well. Jordan has a chance to develop into a starter down the line at a position group that’s now crowded. The Finley pick could be really interesting in a few years. He’s got Dalton (albeit with the upside of the unknown) written all over him, but will be paid a fraction of the cost an nearly a decade younger. I think the Anderson pick could potentially be the best of the bunch if he can stay healthy. All in all, it was solid. The Sample pick really soured it for me.

Honestly, that's one of my favorite picks from the draft.  I was ok with it initially, and the more we hear and see of Sample, I love it.  Eifert is a glorified WR now, and Uzomah is another move guy.  Sample has the chance to be a really good all around TE who catches more balls than people will expect.  Maybe not his rookie year, but by year 3 I bet he is a 60+ catch guy.  A-

Definitely good with the Jonah pick, the Bengals need smart solid OL, and that is definitely what Jonah is.  People get hung up on that one rep Clelin Farrell got him on in the NC game, but that was one rep.  Maybe not superstar upside (although I could see him in some pro bowls) but very high floor as well.  B+

Pratt I am iffy on.  He's more of a middle guy and what the Bengals desperately need is another strong coverage LB.  Would have preferred Cashman or But-Kirvin.  C

Big fan of the Wren pick in rd 4.  Tobin has been real good at finding gems in this area of the draft and Wren has big time upside, but the Bengals are deep enough there to not rely on him being an immediate contributor.  It's all going to come down to how much he's willing to put in the work and buy into the system.  B

Wasn't a huge fan of Finley in rd 4.  Rd 5/6 would have been more palpable, especially the second pick in rd 4. I don't see him as more than a career backup.  D

I very much like the Michael Jordan pick.  I think he's a bit underrated after playing out of position at C last year.  I honestly think he'd be a better T than a C, but that G is his best spot.  Give him this year to get his feet wet and some PT, and I think he pushes for a starting spot next year.  A-

I don't see Trayveon Williams being much more than a dependable 3rd option and special teamer.  While those guys have value, I don't see him being that big of a contributor.  C

Deshaun Davis, see the description from Williams above.  Special teams player who likely never starts or gets meaningful snaps at LB

Rodney Anderson has a lengthy lengthy medical history, but he's the kind of boom/bust pick that I like in rd 6.  Dependable RB's are found in UDFA all the time, so I like the gamble on upside here.  A

Jordan Brown is pretty uninspiring, but as a 7th rd pick, that is to be expected.  Maybe a special teams guy, likely a practice squad guy.  C

Overall Grade: B/B+

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