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2019 roster discussion

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Wanted to create a thread to get some opinions on the strengths and weaknesses of the roster after the draft and FA,


QB: Brady is a top QB and Hoyer one of the better backups in the league. Stidham is a good developmental project.

Grade: A+

RB: New England was a top 5 rushing team last year. They added a talented RB in Damien Harris and ran over people the last 5 games of the season. They also have 2 talented receiving backs. The only thing missing is an absolute top tier RB but Michel might develop into one this year.

Grade: A

WR: Adding Harry was huge. Dorsett should step up significantly. Edelman will be Edelman. Overall it looks like a good group and can be an elite group if Gordon comes back (I think he will but will wait until we know for sure).

Grade: B

TE: This looks like the weakness of the roster at this point. I would expect a trade at some point this offseason although ASJ and LaCosse will surprise some people I think.

Grade: C

OL: 4 starters return with Brown leaving in FA. The depth will be improved with adding Froholdt and Cajuste during the draft. So far it has the looks of a good group that can be extremely elite if Wynn matches Brown or even exceeds it.

Grade: B+

DL: Lost Brown, Flowers, Clayborn and Shelton. I expect us to sign a veteran DT still (possibly Shelton or Bailey). Flowers is a loss but adding Bennett should make up for it 80-90%. The others were pretty disappointing to me especially Brown. Additions are Pennel who I think will be an upgrade at DT, Winovich and Cowart. This looks like a similar DL compared to last year. The pass rush will be a concern but the run defense should be good.

Grade: B-

LB: They didn't lose anybody and are getting Bentley back from injury. Hightower, Bentley, van Noy, Roberts looks like one of the best LB cores to me in the league. Especially van Noy and Roberts really stepped up during the playoffs. I'm probably higher on them than most but I think they will be really good.

Grade: A-

DB: I don't think there is much to say here. They return everybody and even added valuable depth. They will have 7-9 DBs who can really play. I think this is the best secondary in football.

Grade: A+




ST: They looked fairly average to me last year. They return all 3 specialists and drafted Jake Bailey in the 5th round. I think he beats out Allen for the punter job. Gost is still among the top 5 kickers in football. Belichick added 2 very good special team players in Bolden und Brooks, so the kickoff coverage should go back to where it usually is. Plus we might have an upgrade at P, so I think our special teams go from slightly above average to elite again.

Grade: A-


Overall this looks like a strong roster. Some FAs still need to get signed and I hope a trade at TE happens plus Josh Gordon comes back but all in all a very deep and competitive roster.


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QB: A,

RB: B,

WR: B-.

TE: D,

OL: B ....


DL: C,

LB: C+,




QB: A,

RB: A,

WR: B,

TE: B,

OL: A.....


DL: B+,

LB: A,

DB: A+



TE is GLARING, for me. I am not happy rolling in with just ASJ - but fully aware we may be using TEs completely differently now, and in which case - I trust BB and JM.

DL still needs a bit of stout in there - if Guy doesn't match his standards last season - it won't look as good. He was an unsung hero for us. I like the addition of Pennel. 

LBs always seem to trend up, and by playoffs they're massive playmakers.

Likewise OL.

WR still a slight weakness, but I think Harry will be ace. Let's hope Jules is Jules. If he's not - we have a separation issue. 


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Well we added one of my formerly favorite offensive tackles of the Raiders: Jared Veldheer!

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On 5/7/2019 at 8:26 PM, DoleINGout said:

Well we added one of my formerly favorite offensive tackles of the Raiders: Jared Veldheer!

Yeah I liked him. Nice signing. 

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