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2019 things I am most excited about

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 A-Rob in 2nd year.  He showed up big time in loss to Eagles.  People are already writing this guy off as a 2020 cap casualty and after thought.  We need to take some time in 2019 to enjoy our 2018 top free agent who was arguably one of best free agents on market in 2018.   We all knew he was coming off a major injury and probably wouldn't set world on fire in year 1 with a young QB and both in a new offense.  

Roquan Smith in 2nd year.  In several games in 2nd half of season he was all over the field.  Kind of forgotten about after a bit of a slow start and other issues taking center stage.  But the 2018 #1 pick showed signs that he is worthy of a top 10 selection.  He closes on ball faster than any LB I have seen in NFL.

Mitch Trubisky in 2nd year.  People tell me you know he made pro bowl right?  Yes, but if you listen to podcasts, forums and twitter from opposing teams during game week none of them were afeared of MT.  It was rest of team that concerned them.   Even a marginal improvement could mean a large improvement for the team.  There is no reason to think he won't be better this year than last year and every reason to think he will be.

Khalil Mack.  I still can't believe he is on the Bears.  Initial discussions we had on topic were kind of joking and pie in the sky.  Yeah we gave up a ton, but we got a ton too.  Without Mack Bears probably do what Packers did in FA this year and perhaps would be desperately trying to trade up to take an unproven pass rusher in this years draft.  That or they had a poor enough record that they can outright select one.  So we have a couple of middle tier guys and a rookie with potential or we have premiere OLB in the game.

Defense.  This defense may not be as statistically good as last year, but I think they are going to be more fun to watch.   They got some guys that can flat make plays.

J. Daniels.  If Q. Nelson didn't exist Daniels would be on track to be best young guard or center in the league in my opinion.  He hasn't played like it yet for a long stretch, but all signs are there.  This guy is uber talented and athletic. 

UDFA and late round draft pick battles to make the roster.  Will Wims who impressed last year make team again after team spent 4th round pick on WR and signed Patterson?   Will speedster and top UDFA Hall somehow make the team along with Wims?  Or is it one or other?  Assuming no way they drop a 4th round pick in Ridley in year one.   I don't know, but I would find a way to keep both Wims and Hall.   Dax Raymond likely makes team because he has little competition and has already impressed coaches in shorts and a t-shirt.  Bars has inside track being both talented and one of O line coaches guys.  Can Betts or Harris play their way onto team in 2nd weakest position depth wise?  

Shaheen.   Can Shaheen become more than an after thought in 2019?   A lot of that is predicated on staying healthy.  

Kicker.  Did we find a stud young kicker with a big leg from Oakland?  It would be cool to see 56+ yard field goals in Soldier Field and every kick off a touch back or high to 1 yard line.   

Coward.  Is this year that Coward experiment bears real fruit?  

Gentry.  Probably last off season with Bears.  Like to see him get released and get a try out in Buffalo with his college QB or see what Pats could do with him.  Still rooting for that guy.

Tarik Cohen.  Most fun player to watch in entire NFL.  If Shelley makes team I can seem him and Cohen becoming friends.  Similar dynamic personalities in pint size packages.

Duke Shelley.  This guy competes at a small size.   Out going personality and confidence already has him being noticed.

Nichols.  Hicks took him under his wing in 2018 and it paid large dividends.   Drafted to play the nose, he made so many plays in practice that he got moved to DE.  Then made so many plays in games that he took over starting DE.  For Fangio who hates rookies.  Like to see that arrow keep moving up.

Tolliver.  Another guy who was an after thought that ended up making so many practice plays he made team.  Then was Fangio's first guy off bench on outside and played well in spot duty.   Got hurt in camp and still made the team as an UDFA.  Another guy I would like to see take another step. 











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Good read!  happy0180.gif

Things I'm excited most about ......

Whether or not the cute blonde that moved in a few doors down will wear a skimpy bikini around the pool this summer.  Tastypuddle.gif

I love the Bears man but the NFL doesn't get real 'til Sept.  June, July, and August (pool season) comes before that and a man must have his priorities in order right?  sign0012.gif   LOL

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