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Ranking the (B)East - OT - Second Starter

Best Second OT in the NFC East   

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  1. 1. Who is the Second BEST OT in the NFC East

    • La'el Collins, Cowboys
    • Jason Peters, Eagles
    • Lane Johnson, Eagles
    • Andre Dillard, Eagles
    • Trent Williams, Redskins
    • Morgan Moses, Redskins
    • Nate Solder, Giants
    • Chad Wheeler, Giants

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On 5/9/2019 at 10:53 AM, MKnight82 said:
On 5/9/2019 at 10:42 AM, Matts4313 said:

Heres where Eagles fans get real upset. 

Trent Williams is also better than Lane Johnson.

And its obvious to any non eagles fan. 

Here is what's obvious to me.

Trent has started to fall off a bit due to injuries. He's still great when healthy, but not sure when he last played at full strength for a whole season.

On the other hand Lane has stayed healthy and been pretty dominant the last 2 seasons.

Obviously Lane will get knocked for not playing LT (Carson's blind side), but you can still make the argument he's been slightly better at his spot than Williams as of recent.

I have no problem with Trent getting the nod here though. He's still capable of great things and I saw a video of him dunking recently which should excited Washington fans.

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What is obvious is that Jason Peters is a Hall of Fame tackle.  Period.
And while he's missed nine games after turning 30, he spread them over six seasons.
He's better than Lane Johnson.
He's better than Trent Williams.
He's arguably better than Tyron Smith and it is a legitimate argument.

I am not sure about the criteria for voting.
Peters is the best tackle in the division for one game or one season.
After that, maybe not.
But, he's been totally sold out just because his successor is in place.

I'd take Smith or Williams over Johnson.  But, not over Peters.

The Eagles have the luxury of starting Johnson on the right because of Peters.
Johnson gets love for that, but it is Peters who makes it a reality.
Johnson hasn't done it on the left side through no fault of his own.

T1:  Peters - Martin - Kelce - Scherff - Smith
T2:  Williams - Hernandez - Frederick -Brooks - Johnson

Please forgive any out of position lineman.
I think they are all competent to switch if necessary.

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This one was super hard for me. I wanted to say Trent Williams but with the injurys he seems to get seemingly every year, that to me signals inconsistency. I had to give to Lane Johnson of the Eagles. This vote is for second best OT overall in the NFC east but if it was was RT only.. Johnsons probably the best in the business

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