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GDT Week 1: Giants @ Cowboys - The Return of the Zeke?

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Dak looked extremely rusty and his accuracy was poor, but as long as he doesn't throw 2 INT's in his first 2 attempts against Denver, he'll become the first QB in NFL History to have 5 or less INT's in his first 500 attempts.

Defense looked amazing but NYG's OL is garbage and they didn't have their best player.  

Sean + Jaylon has some really exciting potential - amazing the recovery he's had

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On 9/11/2017 at 9:28 PM, MightyMouse07 said:

I haven't posted much outside of fantasy sports. I get consumed by it during the year now plus I help my wife with her team now too. xD


BTW these new emojis suck. I miss the old ones. 


Better? ?

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