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Minicamp/OTA/TC Thread

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2 hours ago, -Hope- said:

yeah lol i'm not even much of a mariota believer at this point but the hyper-analysis has gotten ridiculous. just wait till the games ffs

it's all Kuharsky trying to be "the tell it like it is guy" that he's so obsessed with trying to be. I like PK and his reporting, but man is he insecure

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7 hours ago, TitanLegend said:

Imagine taking practice seriously to try and evaluate someone. Mariota in his rookie year went his entire camp without throwing a pick then threw one on like his first pass in preseason. McNair hardly ever practiced and when he did he usually sucked, but that didn't mean he sucked on game day. Malcolm Butler was the best CB in the world in camp last year then was like the worst CB in football the first 8 weeks of the season.

And to top it all off, apparently Tannehill sucked in practice to. And on top of that? They each had like 6 reps per Vrabel.

Keep your evaluation of Mariota based on his play on the field. Don't get caught up in practice.

Practice performance never has and never will matter.

Agreed wit mostly everything but Malcolm butler he was getting beat in camp last yr a lot as well, however he made a lot of plays. He really is a zone press man corner that needs shaded help over the top. He’s vulnerable to double moves & can't accelerate or recover when beating 

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