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Of the top 5 most important positions, if you have to be below average at 1, which would it be and why?

If you had to be below average at one of these groups which would it be?  

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  1. 2. Which has to be good outside of qb

  2. 3. 1. Which of these to be below average

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Just now, SBLIII said:

The discussion isn't even 1 elite pass rusher or 2 elite corners, it is which position group being elite has the bigger impact.


The Chiefs had 3 elite pass rushers last season but couldn't cover. Result their defense was bad.

I'm in agreement I think.  I'd prefer good CB's over good pass rushers.  If it was 2 good pass rushers or two good CB I prefer CB's.  I think that's what you are saying too.


I'd take two 15M dollar CB's over two 20+ million dollar pass rushers if that makes it more comparable then.

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If you have one elite CB, then you can start doubling up or cheating the other side - I think an elite CB is gold. Not that an elite pass rusher isn't, of course, but I watch a team who routinely turn elite pass rushers invisible. 

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Posted (edited)

I saw the Jets field an elite defense with one shutdown corner and a bunch of other guys. The Jets defense under Rex was basically Revis and Rex making up crazy blitz on the fly. Shaun Ellis was on those teams but on the tail end. Some of our starters: Jim Leonhard, Brodney Pool, Bryan Thomas, Sione Pouha. Harris, Pace, Scott, and Cromartie were good. But that was all Revis. 

On the flipside, we had a good defense led by John Abraham in the early to mid 2000. Those defense were solid but not at the level as the Revis led defenses.

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