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So, the 2019 Chiefs...


How will they do this season?  

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  1. 1. The 2019 Chiefs...

    • They consolidate - either the first or second seed in the AFC, not dropping off
    • They drop off slightly - win at least 2 fewer games than last season
    • They drop off markedly - miss playoffs, and end up with a record around .500 or below

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1 hour ago, LeotheLion said:

I don't know what your obsession with the pro bowl is. I would think a Chiefs fan would know it means very little. Unless you also think Chris Jones and Mitchell Swartz weren't deserving this past year. 

I agree

Was Smith an all-pro that year?

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6 hours ago, LeotheLion said:

You clearly know the answer and I'm also not sure how this is relevant. Was Aaron Rodgers not an MVP candidate in 2016?

I have no idea if he was its why i asked? He didnt make the probowl so idk if he made all pro.

All pro means more to me than the pro bowl always has

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On 7/24/2019 at 3:23 PM, Nightime said:

When did Alex Smith ever play at an “mvp level?”

Alex Smith didn’t even make the Pro Bowl in 2017. He simply wasn’t selected. Some “MVP.”

 Mahomes added an additional 10ppg to this offense. That man is a Ferrari






I'm not saying whether or not he deserved it, but Alex Smith as a 2017 MVP Candidate was absolutely a thing.

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Like most arguments, the truth is really somewhere in the middle, with regards to the Alex Smith as an MVP candidate, thing.

Alex Smith was a serious MVP candidate....for like 9 weeks or so. He was arguably the favorite at midseason, hence the articles that @ET80 posted, that were all from either around week 5 or around week 9. He was not a legitimate candidate in the end, however, or for a full season, which is shown by him not getting any votes for it, and him kind of plummeting down QB rankings in things like all-pro and pro-bowl voting late in the year. He had a really rough 3 game stretch against Dallas, New York, and Buffalo where he did not play well. He rebounded against the Jets but that game still wound up being consecutive loss #4, so by early December he was a guy coming off a rough patch lasting a quarter of the season, and he was basically out of contention for MVP by then.

So everyone saying he played like an MVP and was an MVP candidate is kind of right. Those saying he was not are also kind of right. It just depends on when we're talking about. Week 5 he was the hands down favorite. He played out of his mind in that stretch from New England in week 1 to Houston in week 5. There was no better QB in the league for those 5 weeks. Had something crazy like a 130 QB rating, 75% completion, 11 TDs to 0 INTs. Was nuts. Hands down MVP at that point. Weeks 6 through 8, the shine was coming off a little bit. Tough losses, but he played well enough to keep his ranking. Weeks 9 through 11 he thoroughly fell from grace and dropped from the conversation. 12 through 15 he rebounded, but too little too late. So he played like an MVP candidate for stints. For awhile. Though I do think it's fair to question, if he only played like an MVP for parts of the season, did he really play like an MVP in totality? Because a crucial part of being an MVP or an MVP candidate is that consistency. A key difference between 2017 KC and 2018 KC is that Alex Smith played like an MVP for a chunk of the year then tapered off, while Mahomes maintained to the end.

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Why are you making it so complicated? Alex Smith in 2017 played at an MVP level for most of the season.  Unfortunately he had a few games where he was far from MVP level and close to bad. All in all, he was a great QB in 2017 but clearly not in consideration for MVP.

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1 hour ago, ET80 said:

I'm not saying whether or not he deserved it, but Alex Smith as a 2017 MVP Candidate was absolutely a thing.

Alex Smith had to know what was coming (Chiefs trade up, his own eyes in practice) with Mahomes.  He knew he was lame duck with nothing to lose and played fearless for the first time that I've seen.  Defenses didn't believe the change and continued to play him like he was still check down charlie for 1/2 the season.  When D's slowly started respecting that he would go long he slowly started to revert to settling for underneath easy 1st downs.  By the end of the season 3rd and 7 were becoming a struggle to convert again.  But yes Alex Smith was in the MVP race for the start of the season.  I was an Alex Smith fan,  but not an apologiser.  I didn't want a new QB, I wanted Alex Smith to play better.  Mahomes is better in ways that Alex could never become.


Mahomes is a different animal completely.  I knew very little about Mahomes until about a week before the draft when rumors were floating that we might take him.  My 1st take I liked him but only if he fell to us.  Mahomes was shooting up draft boards late and there was no way he was falling to KC and I was disappointed because I didn't think we'd trade up, by now.  In preseason his rookie year I was convinced after a 3rd down play.  Blocking failed and Mahomes was rolling out to right.  He had the RB open for easy completion that could likely be converted for 1st down by the RB.  Mahomes throws it 10,000MPH (I'm thinking"take a little off those rook")  1/10 of sec's later it clearly isn't for the RB.  Just off screen a TE had a step for a 20 yrds gain.  The ball sails over his head too,  keep in mind this thing is a frozen rope and is only ~10 feet off the ground at it's apex.  As the camera man is panning hard trying to catch up with the ball,  you see a WR 50yds downfield coming across the field with 1/2 a step ahead of the guy covering him but no help in the area were the play was going.  Ball is in an area where only the WR can make a play (which he does).  It was a 50yd dime that looked effortless.  It was just a flick of the wrist then BOOM 50yds.  

Mahomes turned down endorsement deals his rookie year because he thought it would be a distraction having the backup QB's face everywhere.  That's taking $$$ out of his pocket to not disrespect teammates.   

Mahomes has eidetic memory.  Everyone says wait until after teams have film on him.  He's collecting his own film on the D's that he has access to 24/7.  D's will no longer play him like he's a dumb rookie anymore that's for sure and will cause a small drop off (~5 easy TD)  However I don't think that D's are going to out learn Pat Mahomes . 

I also hate the old "we've seen lots of QB's do this for a year and then fall off a cliff, lets see how he does after X years"  When literally the only comparable seasons are Manning, Brady, Brees and Marino at their very best.  It's like I'm going to be convinced that Mahomes might not be good because XXXX QB once had a season 1/2 as good as Mahomes but then they were never as good again.  If you are comparing Mahomes to RGIII after his 1st season then you're not doing football right.   

Great arm, Great attitude, Great brain.  But my best argument for Mahomes being a stud for years to comes is that he is really really fun to watch.  Fans = Ratings = Network $$ = NFL $$ = Referee's/Rulebook that want Mahomes to succeed. 


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