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The Robfather

Tired Of Hearing...Titans Suck

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Posted (edited)

So i've heard it for the 100th time recently. Man don't you know the Titans suck.

The people or football fans of other teams that usually say this don't know a damn thing about the Tennessee Titans franchise.

The Titans just completed their 20th season. From those first 20 seasons we won 170 games altogether (regular and postseason). We were 11th overall in wins and 1 win shy of being top 10 in wins over the last 20 years.

Now a team like Cleveland with only 95 wins over the last 20 seasons yeah they pretty much sucked. The Lions only won 119 games and the Raiders only won 130. Those were the worst.

10 winning seasons,7 playoff berths,6 postseason wins,3 division titles,3x 13 win seasons,2 NFL ROYs,1 NFL MVP, a 2000 yd rusher,2x NFL best record,2 AFC Championship appearances,1 Super Bowl appearance were what the Tennessee Titans accomplished their first 20 seasons along with winning 170 games overall which includes regular/postseason wins.

The Titans 170 wins was 1 win short of cracking the top 10 where Dallas and N.Y. Giants were tied for 10th with 171 wins.

We had the 1999 NFL Rookie of the Year in Jevon Kearse who had 14.5 sacks which is a long time NFL record among rookies. We had the 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year in Vince Young who led the Titans to six straight wins and had three straight 4th quarter comebacks along with the most rushing yardage ever for a rookie QB. In 2003 QB Steve McNair won NFL MVP and had NFL best passer rating 100.4 along with coming off a trip to the AFC Championship the year before.

Who could forget Chris Johnson's 2000 yard year in 2009 which included 3 runs over 80 yards and the most yardage ever gained in one year by an NFL player. Speaking of RB's last season Derrick Henry had the longest run in NFL history 99 yards tying one other player Tony Dorsett who did so in 1983 and Henry joined him 35 years later as the only other RB to do so.

Our beloved former FG kicker Rob Bironas holds the NFL record for most FG made in a game with 8.

The Titans have been doing good lately as they have 3 straight winning seasons as well as a playoff appearance and win in 2017. The Titans set another record with the 2017 playoff win at Kansas City as it was the biggest come from behind win for a road team in NFL history.

The team hired Mike Vrabel as new head coach in 2018 and almost all fans agree he is doing a good job. They hired GM Jon Robinson three years ago in 2016 and he has rewarded them with a winning season every year of his tenure so far.

The Titans are one of only a half dozen teams that have had 3 straight winning seasons or more going into the 2019 NFL season.

However just ignore those who say the Titans suck as the most likely have never watched one of their games to save their life.


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I think this stems more from being largely irrelevant for the better part of the last decade rather than just being a bad franchise from conception. The decade prior is where most of our accomplishments have come from. Yeah we have 3 straight winning seasons under the current regime and we’re only one of six teams that can boast that, but we’ve barely got there at 9-7 all three times. It’s impressive to pull off three straight winning seasons but at the same time, when it’s only one game better than .500 all three seasons it’s pretty Fisher-lite - which to my first sentence, is more of an irrelevance thing than it is a Titans suck thing imo.

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You make great points. In the 20 year span that is a nice resume. 

We just have done it in little ol Nashville. And we did most of that if not all of it before social media. 

So in this age, we have been largely middle of the road or at the bottom. Without any star power. 

Perception is more powerful than truth. Until we make a run and string together a few seasons with a star or household name, we will continue to be viewed as that sucky team in little ol Nashville. 

But they are great with the draft tho 👍

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Casual don’t care about the Titans so everything you said just pointed out means nothing. We have no star players that the league knows about and we haven’t exactly been a fun team to watch the last 10 years or so. That matters to casual fans who don’t dig deep into it and do research like you just did. Unless we’re constantly in the spotlight with winning and winning more than 1 playoff game in what 15 years or so, then it doesn’t matter to the casual fan.

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We do suck we’re mediocre but I love this team & I hope we turn it around & become a historic championship caliber team 

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We had a really bad 4 year stretch where everything went wrong and we had 4 straight losing seasons.

Look below at our record each year except 2012 thru 2015 is taken out,with those taken out look at the Titans record each year....


The Titans year by year record with the worst 4 year period '12-'15 taken out.....


















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Boring team with no flashy players and no super bowl titles that plays in a small market. 


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