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1 hour ago, BleedTheClock said:

Agreed. I don't buy the adage that QB's learn from sitting. They learn from experience IMO.

They learn much quicker from starting but there are still times where sitting is probably beneficial...at least for their well being, physically and mentally. If you have an okay situation or better where some success is possible I much prefer throwing them into the fire. That's why I was okay with Kizer starting a couple years ago, he was going to be protected well enough so there should have been decent progress as the year went on. There wasn't and we were able to move on quickly. Mayfield getting in there fairly quickly, to the chagrin of Hue, really helped the off season this year where QB was of no concern and we can sign guys knowing when our QB's contract will be extended. If Taylor started all last year we'd have to keep it in the back of our mind that we may need to try to sign a veteran QB down the road and have to reserve some future funds in case it was needed.

I'm just talking to hear myself at this point I think.

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Lonnie Johnson isn't really coming along so far in Houston. BOB more or less dismissed his efforts in OTAs.

The Texans secondary might be the worst group on the team - and that's saying something given the state of the OL.

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