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2019 Green Bay Packers offseason - OTAs/minicamps

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1 hour ago, AlexGreen#20 said:

He and Jones are the clear front runners, but I like my long odds

I know for a fact that Rodgers watches this board and thread.  (With the confidence of draft posters who show up...then leave.)  :)

He's gonna be on the 2, audible from Jones to 'Vante.  Wink at the camera and sneak it in himself.  Then point at the screen and say "Suck it, FF!"

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more on TE Robert Tonyan


“All these seasoned veterans and then me, I got so much growth mentally and physically from that,” Tonyan said. “Just because of how they talked to me every day and how they speak, and how they go out and handle their business. It’s easy to follow them and do the right thing.”

If his apprenticeship under Graham and Lewis wasn’t enough, Tonyan spent the early part of his offseason training in Nashville with San Francisco tight end George Kittle. When it comes to learning the finer details of the position, Kittle has been an invaluable resource for Tonyan to bounce ideas off of

It was through that connection Tonyan was presented with the opportunity to train with 49ers quarterback C.J. Beathard, a close friend and longtime teammate of Kittle’s going back to their time together at Iowa. Beathard has spent two NFL seasons learning the offensive system both San Francisco’s Kyle Shanahan and new Packers Head Coach Matt LaFleur employ, which provided Tonyan with some unique insight before he even reported back to Green Bay for the start of April’s offseason program.

“I got to hear little bit of terminology in this offense and what to look for coming here,” Tonyan said. “So I could get a little ahead and talk about it a little bit.”

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Packers new OL coach Adam Stenavich played in the NFL ( fringe roster guy) including some time in GB in 06-07
He also spent time with Shanahan/Kubiak in Houston as a PS player
Then he spent 2 years in SF coaching the OL for Kyle Shanahan

I don't know if he can "teach" but he has plenty of experience in the outside zone as both a player and a coach.
MLF's brother Mike was on staff with Stenavich in SF too


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I've been reading a lot more than I have posted lately. That being said I know there is a decent debate about our top WRs. I just wanted to add that I am a big proponent of Geronimo Allison. I think he proves that Aaron can trust you no matter if you're a rookie or 5 year yet. Just look at this turning point... big game.... and Allison is a rook. I believe Allison is here to stay. Aaron likes him, and he does all the right things. 


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