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Raiders vs Bears

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On May 25, 2019 at 7:09 AM, Bearguy said:

Hello to all

if this is a duplicate thread, my apologies, but I didn't see one.

How many Bears are going to swim across the pond for the game ?

And how many Brits are going to have to do the same as me and try to get tickets for the game, by also having to buy for the Panthers/Buccs and then resell ?

I will be at White Hart Lane, so I get to have a selfie with Staley again !


That would be a dream trip.  Probably wont be in budget.

If I make a bunch of money between now and then I'll book it. 

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Sorry for the delay guys, took me an hour, but in and safe, and both Buccs tickets, sold on through stubby. For seat price plus handling

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