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RB Considerations... Duke Johnson & More

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10 hours ago, Kiwibrown said:

I am for what Duke has done, but I am also for what the browns have done, both parties are acting within their rights in a reasonable fashion. 

Couldn't be said any better imo ... 


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1 hour ago, bruceb said:

Skipping past all RB drama this is nice to know: https://brownswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/16/the-browns-are-loaded-with-elusive-running-backs/

No idea what it means, but it sounds good.

Makes sense. It’s why I thought we would have really liked David Montgomery. 




It’s a tackling sport.



Three of the top four running backs in PFF’s elusiveness ratings in 2018 now play for the Browns, led by Nick Chubb and his NFL-best 103.3 score. Duke Johnson checks in at second on the list, while newcomer Kareem Hunt finished fourth in 2018.


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