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Be a man, make a homer prediction.


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Sure. :)

- 16 games for Will Fuller, 16 TDs for Will Fuller. 

- Dont'a Foreman leads the AFC in rushing.

- DeAndre Hopkins scores 20 TDs

- Deshaun Watson throws for 52 TDs.

- JJ Watt posts his 3rd 20 sack season and wins his 4th DPOY

- Tytus Howard is 2nd team All Pro at LT.

- Max Scharping is 1st team All Pro at RT.

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Rams will get back to at least the NFCCG. All this Gurley worrying will be seemed as overblown as he has another fine season BUT Brown and Henderson will show that the Rams have a great stable of back because they will be used more and have a big impact in the offense. 

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