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Be a man, make a homer prediction.


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Damien Williams matches Kareem Hunt's production as the new lead back in KC (100+ YFS per game, 1ish TD per game)

Tyreek Hill plays football in some form for the Chiefs

The 2019 Chiefs get more sacks out of their collective group of edge rushers than the 2018 Chiefs did

While we will almost undoubtedly score fewer points next year, we will maintain a top 3 scoring offense and point differential

While we may not win the division, we make it further than the Chargers in the postseason


Not sure if these qualify as homer opinions, but these strike me as....unpopular ones, based on what I've read on this forum and generally seen in the media.

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Trubisky goes 35-11

Mack breaks 18 sacks

Floyd breaks double digits

Eddie Jackson gets 10 ints

David Montgomery leads the NFL in rushing.

Bears have #1 offense and #1 defense on their way to 15 wins, #1 seed and beating the Colts in the Superbowl

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The 2019 New England Patriots will be the best Patriots team since 2007. 


- The Patriots will boost the best running game in football

- The Patriots will have a top 3 defense and the best secondary in football

- Of course the Patriots will still lose big in Miami but they will finish 14-2

- Sony Michel will have 1,400 rushing yards and 14 touchdowns

- N'keal Harry will not win OROY but he will finish with 1,050 yards and 9 touchdowns


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7 hours ago, Nabbs4u said:

15-1 Season for the Redskins

2,000 rushing yds for Guice

5,000 passing yds for Cousins

30+ passing TD for "Dwayne" Haskins breaking Rookie Record 



Ace, stop hacking into Eagles fans accounts.

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