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Be a man, make a homer prediction.


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JuJu breaks AB's receiving yard record. Antonio Brown has his worst year ever as a starter.

Connor breaks Bell's APY record. Bell gets suspended for smoking weed again.

Steelers go 14-2 losing to the Patriots to start the year and the Ravens while playing their backups in week 17. Ravens miss the playoffs, Patriots go home during the wildcard week.

Steelers defense shuts out the Chiefs in the AFC championship game.

Big Ben throws 7 TDs and has a perfect passer rating in the Superbowl.

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Jimmie Ward's broken collarbone suffered in otas is the only injury he has this year

And now for other ones:

Dee Ford - 15 sacks

The 49ers rush for 2500 yards

Not only do the 49ers get more than 2 interceptions this year, they'll actually have a game where they get two. 

Jimmy g actually plays in at least 15 games


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