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The Pancake Master--All Hail Randall McDaniel


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I will contend, that by far, Randall McDaniel was the best guard to ever play on the Vikings line!  This is saying something, because the Vikings have had their share of some really good guards...but, McDaniel was the best.  He was a superior athlete, he was strong, he was quick, he had high football intelligence, he was technically strong.  It's really, really, really hard to find a flaw in his game!  Maybe that's why he was elected to 12 pro-bowls in a row?  Yes, I said 12!

It was fun to watch his highlights.  So many of his opponents found themselves on their back looking up...flat as pancakes.  He not only came out of his stance with great quickness, but with a ferocity not often seen in offensive linemen.  Get your butter and syrup ready for the highlights...pancakes are on the menu!

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