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QB self inflicted sacks and OL rankings

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46 minutes ago, RandyMossIsBoss said:

Interesting project. I’d honestly prefer a subjective eye test here than just saying “3+ seconds to throw=QB’s fault”


For Eagles, doesn’t surprise me to see Foles high up there. Holding onto the ball has always been one of his key issues. Wentz definitely prevents several more sacks than he creates, but I’d have sworn he was responsible for more than just 2 sacks since he can go hero mode. Also only 17th ranked OL? Guessing that’s straight from FO.

yeah I'd expect a hobbled improviser to be responsible for more of his own sacks. 

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Posted (edited)
2 hours ago, Matts4313 said:

@plan9misfit => You remember when you told me that "Dak has a much better supporting cast than Brady" and I said that our OL/WR/TE's sucked compared to theirs?

They had the #1 OL. Responsible for 18 sacks.

We had the #28 OL. Responsible for 43 sacks. Thats a 250% increase.

Dont you value the trenches? Or no? You dont think the OL matters?

It really is amazing that Dak and Brady had identical stats once we traded for Cooper. #justsaying

(again, Brady is >> Dak. Dak did close out the year very strong though.... once he wasnt surrounded by complete trash). 

Among all QB in NFL history, Brady needs least protection, because :

  1. It takes less time to run 5 yards than to run 15 yards.
  2. The smaller pockets a QB needs, the easier for his O-line to protect him.
  3. No team can put 5 pass rushers against Brady.

#1 and #2 should be common sense.

Actually, running QB needs far more protections than a QB who stays in pockets (unless his team doesn't mind he is out half of the seasons), because the O-line that O-linemen have to hold is very very long and O-linemen don't know where their QB is and don't know when their QB is going to run out of pockets (left or right? no clue, so they have to hold pass rushers in front of them).

If a QB stays in small pockets and get rid of balls quickly, all his O-linemen have to do is to push pass rushers aside, but if O-linemen don't know where his QB is, he has to hold pass rushers in front of him.

Short O-line for small pockets, long O-line for big pockets; holding less than 3 seconds vs holding over 4 seconds; pushing pass rushers aside vs holding pass rushers in front of him, get the picture?

Lot of time, those running QBs have to run because pass rushers push the O-linemen back onto him. Why don't his O-linemen just push the pass rushers aside? because they can't, because their QB needs big pockets and the pass rushers will run around them.

You think Rodgers can throw good on the run if pass rushers just 2 yards away? Ya, maybe he can but will be hit immediately by pass rushers on full speed (as Rodgers has to slow down a bit when he throws) and he better retires now.

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Why isn't Mariota or Brees listed?

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