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Are the 2009 Rams the Worst Team of the SB Era?

Are the 2009 Rams the worst Super Bowl era team of all time?  

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  1. 1. Are the 2009 Rams the worst Super Bowl era team of all time?

    • Yes
    • No, it’s the 2008 Lions
    • No, it’s the 2017 Browns
    • No, it’s the 1989 Cowboys
    • No, it’s the 1990 Patriots
    • No, it’s the 1991 Colts
    • No, other (explain)

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Results is one of the 0-16 teams.

  • Although the 76-77 Bucs started out 0-26 before finishing their 2nd season with 2 wins.
  • The best football quote of all time came from this team

FYI - The 2009 Rams beat the 2009 Lions for their only win



According to DVOA, the 2009 Rams are better than the 2008 Rams and the 2008 Lions are better than the 2009 Lions.

Football Outsiders has the 2005 SF 49ers as the worst team.

  • Rookie Smith, Rattay, Pickett, and Dorsey had 8 TDs and 21 picks for a 53.6 overall rating
  • Gore and Hicks averaged almost 5 yards a pop but they were part timers.
    • The guy who got the most carries was Barlow and he went for 3.3 a pop.

They went 4-12 because they swept the 30th DVOA team (the Rams) and the beat the 31st DVOA team (Texans) in OT.

  • They also beat a mediocre Bucs team.

They lost 4 games by 25+ (5 by 20+)

  • They lost by double digits 7 times

They had less than 200 total yards 7 times.

  • 220 or less 11 times.
  • The 2008 Lions had 2 and 4 games like that
  • The 2009 Rams had 2 and 2 games like that

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On 6/11/2019 at 9:15 AM, Todd Pence said:

If you're talking about the scope of the entire Super Bowl era, I think the 1976 Bucs have this one in a canter.

Seconded. The winless '76 Bucs were bad in every way you could think of. They got shut out in five games, lost by two scores or more in 11, and finished the year with 21 players on IR. Only two of their Week 1 starters made it through the season. By Week 14 they had a truck driver and construction worker at defensive tackle and a 180-pound linebacker. We'll never see a team like that again.

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