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The Mass Exodus (cuts to 53)


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15 hours ago, Silver&Black88 said:

Just gonna try and do some quick hits:

Good question.  Better question: why do we play so much zone when we have man CBs?

Not sure with Joseph.  He's great in run support and after the catch, but he isn't the best in coverage.  So maybe SS?  Or we're gonna do a S1/S2 thing?  Nelson because he is opportunistic and gets turnovers sometimes.  But also because we can't count on Joseph in coverage totally yet and Luani is a 7th round rook (but maybe he can man the CF Nate Allen role eventually).  Either way kind of concerning for both.  McGill is weird since he's hurt and taking up space on the 53....as a STer because we're screwed if he ever plays DB.  I mean, I know we lost core ST guys but maybe that spot could have gone to someone else.

I think Obi plays more LB.  More on that later.


Jelly is nose, with no back up (shout out to me in the other thread).    Its like a 3T/5T front with Jelly manning the 1T and Mack playing LEO.  Similar to Seattle I think.  So Irvin plays close to the line as SLB in a 4-3 under front.  Except sometimes his hand is in the dirt.  Also its kind of a 3-4 in that way but not really since he and Mack aren't both standing.  Which goes back to lack of identity in favor of being multiple.


I have a strong feeling we play Morrow and Obi at linebacker in Nickel to try and help against tight ends.  Lee just is going to get wrecked in obvious passing situations.  Which leaves James at MIKE with Adams as his back up.  I don't love it either, but its the best we have in this situation from what I see.  Maybe we sign a LB.


Hey bro, I really appreciate the attempt at answering these questions. But it was really intended to be facetious more than anything. Point being that all of these questions may lead to some sort of definitions, but not without more lingering questions. Identity problems abound.

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I'm have faith in this roster and I see them improving after the first few games as they get healthy and gel. Right now Conley, Obi, Ward, Edwards, James, Vanderdoes and Amerson have missed portions of the preseason and camp and some still aren't healthy. Once we get the majority of these guys back and in rhythm together we'll see improvement IMO.  

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