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Roster Cuts

Pastor Dillon

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31 cuts thus far:

Mike Catapano

RaShaun Allen

Erik Austell

Sio Moore - we STILL need an ILB who can cover - thin as ever

Malik Smith

Dayon Pratt

Marcus Leak

K.J. Dillon - never been too impressed, but was hoping he could knock Pleasant off roster

Evan Baylis - practice sq with legit chance to bump underwhelming Stephen Anderson at some pt

Gimel President - practice sq likely

Robert Nelson - so much for AJ Bouye Jr. hype

Brandon Weeden - decent backup, but not much point to 33 year old 3rd stringers

Nick Novak - LOVE LOVE LOVE than we are going with Fairbairn who can actually kick into end zone on kickoffs

Dres Anderson - surprised with this one, esp since Strong can be placed on suspended list

Josh Walker

Avery Williams

Riley McCarron

Eric Lee - practice sq and I suspect and early call up

Denzel Rice - I smell IR resort stash

Tony Washington

Dare Ogunbowale - PS candidate

Eli Ankou  - PS candidate

Justin Hardee

Laurence Gibson

Chad Slade

Germone Hopper

David Quessenberry - sad but true - guessing Fuller beats him out with Mancz hopefully pushing XSF

Matthew Godin

Wendall Williams - surprised we didn't IR him

Shakeel Rashad - ps candidate

Lonnie Ballentine - sure enjoyed that one play he made before getting blown up

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Pretty odd roster make-up as it stands:

6 Running Backs + 1 FB (most carry 3-4).  Miller, Blue, Foreman, Ervin, Hunt, Todman, Prosch

That's as many running backs as we have defensive lineman!!!

3 Active WRs for week 1 - Hopkins, Miller, Ellington (Strong suspended, Fuller injured)

Mancz & Fuller are the only backups at C/LG/RG.   Neither of our T's are good candidates to kick inside as Giacomini is a 6' 7" former TE and extremely raw Davenport has his hands full learning one new position. Lamm can kick inside, but as of today, he's your starting RT.

Strong is on Reserve/Suspended and D. Brown is Reserve/Did Not Report, so 2 more cuts are coming. Suspect Todman is just being given a little more time to make an impression.  Kamalu strikes me as the next likely cut, but I'd much prefer JAG Brandon Dunn be sent packing.

IR requires 8 week layoff, but we get 2 IR-return spots this year.  Personally, I think you've gotta IR-return Fuller even if Ervin is pretty much a receiver at this point.  Dres Anderson should be suiting up for this team and I think something's gotta be coming as you can't go into a game with 3 WRs.  Offensive line depth is HORRENDOUS even if D. Brown suits up Wk 1. Hopefully Rick is still shopping as grabbing street FA's is one of the few things I'll give him credit for being pretty solid.

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6 hours ago, Apollo Stallion said:

31 cuts thus far:

Robert Nelson - so much for AJ Bouye Jr. hype

Denzel Rice - I smell IR resort stash


Shocked both of 'em were cut. Guess that means Johnson, Jackson, Joseph and Decoud are your top four. 

Little concerned with the depth here. Hopefully there's a post cut add to be had here (someone from the New England cuts makes sense).

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Texans claimed WR Andy Jones off waivers from Cowboys.  Remember him being hyped LAST preseason as a potential breakout UDFA star.  Can't say I know much else about him.  Had high hopes for some of the speed demons in camp making the roster this year as I am thoroughly unimpressed by Fuller & Miller and have wanted the fat lazy stoner Strong out of here since about 2 weeks after we drafted him. Don't want to be accused of anything nice about the Cowboys, but they are pretty good at finding/developing UDFA Receivers. 

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