26. Cincinnati Bengals   What’s New in 2019: A lot on the coaching side. A brand new head coach for the first time in forever in Zac Taylor and a cast of first time coordinators who seemed pretty hard to come by for a while back there. Bill's son Brian Callahan takes over the offense after a stint as Oakland's OC and Lou Anarumo (yeah me either) takes on the defense after a stint as the defensive backs coach for the Giants. Bobby Hart and John Jerry were signed to 'help' the offensive line. The draft class was kinda underwhelming and I normally like their classes. This one featured legendary 2nd round pick Drew Sample and their 1st round Jonah Williams fulfilled the team tradition of getting hurt for the foreseeable immediately his first round selection.  Roster Strengths: Defensive Line – Geno Atkins is still an elite level talent in the NFL and Andrew Billings alongside him has come on a bit at nose. At defensive end, there’s name recognition with Carlos Dunlap and a slew of recent draft picks in Carl Lawson, Sam Hubbard and Jordan Willis. That defensive end unit didn't quite come along as expected last year.  Running Back – Joe Mixon was very good with very little fanfare last year and going into a very good situation in his third season if his new HC can replicate what his former old boss did for the Rams running game. Secondary – The secondary is still talented throughout, even with the Bengals having a horrible year in pass defense last year. PFF has suggested much of that was due to beyond awful coverage at linebacker. Elsewhere – AJ Green is still AJ Green, I think - which always helps. Tyler Boyd is pretty good now too and obviously my boy Stanley Morgan will make that a sweet trio pretty soon.  Roster Weaknesses: Offensive Line – It still looks really bad, even with the nice pick-up of Jonah Williams who now won't play in 2019. They apparently seem determined to start Bobby Hart somewhere, who shouldn’t be starting anywhere. The guard situation also seems not ideal. Quarterback – This feels like an abusive relationship at this point. Can’t be with Andy, can’t be without him. Linebacker – They have not resolved a historically bad unit on paper, that’s all we can say. It remains a weird blind spot for this franchise. Breakout Player: Jessie Bates III – Had a very good rookie season, allowing a passer rating of 59.9 in coverage. I think he could become one of the league’s special deep safety talent if he isn't there already.  How they can win in 2019: Zach Taylor needs to deliver something like what McVey did with the Rams in his first season unless teams were just chasing unicorns this off-season. That means more than just installing a good scheme, McVey has a special charisma and natural gift for relating to players. Certainly Jared Goff made obvious incremental improvements on his watch, we’ll see if something similar happens with Andy Dalton via Taylor. The outside zone running game has to fire to open those passing lanes, the offensive line has a big role in delivering that so will need to play well above expectations. Dare I even suggest a bounceback year for Tyler Efiert? Technically he could be the x-factor difference between a winning and losing record. His health has had a measurable impact on Dalton’s performances and he’s been a difference-maker on the field when he does suit up. Clearly a reliable third/fourth receiver would help a lot, whoever it is.   It’s been mentioned, but the linebackers have to play well whatever combination that comes from. Perhaps new rookie Germaine Pratt makes an impact or Preston Brown and Jordan Evans play better than absolute trash. The secondary needs to be healthy and that defensive line, with its talent, needs more than just Geno Atkins to flash on a consistent basis. It really does need to become the focal point of this defense and has the talent to make it so. Consistent delivery throughout the rotation is needed. Predicted record 2019: 5-11 -  I think the Jonah Williams injury is a death knell on their hopes for a bounceback year. There's just too many unknowns elsewhere.