25. Jacksonville Jaguars What’s New in 2019: A new offensive coordinator in former head coach candidate John DeFilippo fresh from a disaster campaign as the Vikings OC. They also landed one of the game’s great enigmas in new quarterback Nick Foles and promptly decided to pay him a lot more than any other franchise would do for....reasons. It was quiet elsewhere on the free agency front with small deals given to Terrell Pryor, Chris Conley, Alfred Blue and Datone Jones. The draft was headlined by the other Josh Allen who slipped to them at 7 and that's where most of the excitement was directed to.  Roster Strengths: Trenches – Both starting lines look very strong still, with a couple of tweaks to work through . Otherwise they look damn right fearsome where it can really really matter.  Corner – The Ramsey/Bouye/Hayden trio was solid last year and has the potential for further growth in year two together Roster Weaknesses: Wide Receiver – There’s some name recognition, but no obvious singular threat and a lot of similarly skilled players. That whole corps lacks an obvious identity at this point Tight End – Unless third round rookie Josh Oliver can grasp the position from day dot, there’s not an obvious passing threat coming out that position in 2019 Running Back – There’s a decent rotation of blunt force weapons, but also a distinct lack of variety and dynamism. No pass-catching specialist is wild.  Breakout Player: Taven Bryan – Had a better rookie season that most probably realise, but he’s primed for an expanded role as an inside pass-rusher this season with no Malik Jackson in town. How they can win in 2019: They need to find a new identity on offense and they know this, because they hired John DeFilippo whose offenses haven’t looked anything like what the Jags have been doing in recent seasons. The reason he was fired in Minnesota was because he couldn’t take the workload off his quarterback in a pass-happy offense which was threatening to get his man killed. He’s already proved he can blow hot with Nick Foles manning the QB spot from their Super Bowl winning season and the Jags should give him better pass protection than the Vikings managed. That magic formula has to work here too and Foles needs to prove he can be more than just a streaky player at the position. Outside of one season in Philly, he's not been good for a complete NFL regular season.  On defense, they had a down year in 2018 in comparison to a sparkling 2017. Most of the talent on that defense remains with the exceptions of Malik Jackson, who can be replaced in theory, and Telvin Smith whose replacement seems harder to come by on paper. The front end can absolutely be a focal point of the defense and it'll be interesting to see what Josh Allen can add in year one. But there are lingering personnel questions at linebacker and safety, those are two spots where they need to ensure play doesn't drastically drop-off. They have everything else most teams don’t come close to have a successful season on this side of the ball, they just need to find a way of ensuring that talent can maximise their ability again. Predicted record 2019: 6-10 – They’re absolutely talented enough to do well again, but they have six tough games out of the gate to navigate and a whole offensive identify to find. 
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