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Top QB/WR Duo for the 2019 season

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1 hour ago, ET80 said:

Same with Ben, if we're being honest - time simply isn't beaten (unless you're talking about Brady, who is an anomaly)

True, but Ben had his highest yards production of his career last year, while maintaining his same level of efficiency.  I think we are entering a new era of QB play, and will see more and more of the upper echilon QBs playing into their late 30s/early-40s--Brady, Brees, Ben, Eli, Rivers, Alex Smith, and Rodgers--all are 35+, even Ryan and Flacco are 34...and while Ben contemplated retirement a couple years back, it appears that was a fleeting thought. 

And regarding the OL issues, etc.  Well, like I alluded--Bortles was supposed to improve as well with a regenerated OL/Rushing attack, and he still regressed. There will always be the arguments of "well, we are better than last year"...until a few injuries pile up to ertain players, coach/coordinator/scheme changes, so on and so forth. Sure, every fan would like to believe their favorite players will improve, and past success sustained, or even improved upon, but for everyone of those 'success stories', lies another 5 failure stories.

I'm just saying, I'm going to 'play the odds' that the Watson/Hopkins duo will not be the top duo in 2019--IMO, they weren't the best in 2018. Heck, it could be Wilson/Metcalf, Rivers/Allen, Luck/Hilton, Carr/AB, or Brady/Harry. And it could even be Mayfield/OBJ, Prescott/Cooper (extrapolate Coopers DAL #s to 100 rec, 1300yds, 11 TDs), Trubisky/Robinson, or  Goff/Kupp or Woods or  Cooks...

But TBH, I would closer associate the latter group with Watson/Hopkins chances, than the former group. That's not an insult, as I would include the KC duo, as well, with that group--there's just not enough evidence...for me, but a lot of good upstart talent there. 

And it doesn't matter or not, if you are a Mod on the NFL Gen; doesn't mean that you deserve any unneeded attitude; I can get worked up sometimes, if I'm passionate about a topic--certainly didn't mean anything personal; I was just pretty shocked by the assertion, right or wrong. 

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