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Our Best Oline for 2019

Our Best Oline for 2019  

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  1. 1. Please select the group that gives us the best starting 5 Olineman for 2019. I don't want comp picks, free agency, or anything else factored in. Just for this year only, what you think the best starting Olineup would be.

    • Smith-Williams-Frederick-Martin-Collins
    • Smith-Collins-Frederick-Martin-Williams
    • Smith-Collins-Frederick-Martin-Fleming
    • Smith-McGovern-Frederick-Martin-Williams
    • Other. Please reply with your 5.

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  • Poll closed on 07/08/2019 at 05:27 PM

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7 hours ago, matt79511 said:

Look man, I imagine he and the rest of the team can see the writing on the wall as it relates to him not being re-signed, so the best we can hope for is nothing bad comes of that from a chemistry/locker room perspective. I don't think the upside of La'el back at LG (where he was also hit/miss) is really worth it when you balance it with the aforementioned + a Fleming/Williams battle at RT.

As it relates to his free agent prospects, you may have a point, but he's so young and teams are so desperate for OL that I hardly think it matters. Someone may easily convince themselves he still has Pro Bowl/All-Pro potential at LG regardless of whether he does.

Well you may be right.  Parnell did get paid by the Jags, and he was nothing to brag about.

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