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AaT - Draft Thread - TJM217 is On The Clock, renndawg37(x2), VY-FTW(x2) Need to Pick

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Everyone gets a 24 hour clock to make their pick. To make things easier I ask if everyone can @ the next pick when they make their selection. The randomized list: https://i.imgur.com/UzKueWo.png

Draft Order:

Round 1:

  1. RuskieTitan - Marcus Mariota
  2. Justin615$ - Kevin Byard
  3. Titans fan 617 - Derrick Henry
  4. TitanTuff - Taylor Lewan
  5. grizzans3222 - Corey Davis
  6. Titansfan_13 - Jayon Brown
  7. tgrades3 - Delanie Walker
  8. Daniel - Harold Landry
  9. SerenityNow - AJ Brown
  10. TwoToneBlue - Rashaan Evans
  11. TJM217 - Jurrell Casey
  12. VY-FTW - Needs to Pick
  13. renndawg37 - Needs To Pick

Round 2:

  1. renndawg37 - Needs To Pick
  2. VY-FTW - Needs To Pick
  3. TJM217
  4. TwoToneBlue
  5. SerenityNow
  6. Daniel
  7. Tgrades3
  8. Titansfan_13
  9. grizzans3222
  10. TitanTuff
  11. Titans fan 617
  12. Justin615$
  13. RuskieTitan

@RuskieTitan is on the clock to start us off.


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Back to back #1 picks, huh? In that case, let's run it back again, and hope this year plays out better than last year.

With the first overall selection in the 2019 AaT Draft, RuskieTitan selects:


Marcus Marioto


@Justin615$ is now OTC


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17 minutes ago, Daniel said:

I assume this is also a discussion thread?

You can discuss the picks, I usually do every year 

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Hm it was a tough choice between Lewan Walker and Corey, but ill go with the guy who is going to have a breakout season. Corey Davis..The other two are established beasts 

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