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On 13/07/2019 at 2:41 AM, mike23md said:

Trying to get some info from the forum field. 

What are your team needs as of right now. 

In order would be preferred. 


#1 DE - Pass rusher must be top of the list until proven otherwise, all we have are journeymen and a couple of unproven rookies.

#2 TE  - We have a bunch of hopefuls and a few journeymen, none of whom inspire much confidence.

#3 P - Punter shouldn't be on the list for any team but I know a bunch of amateur soccer players who could kick better than Townsend, just terrible.

#4 LB - Again is filled with young guys who may or may not pan out and vets on their last contracts possibly so lots variable there and no bona fide lock. 

These are the obvious ones but others to note are that we have a 35 year old pencilled in to start at LG after a 2 game suspension, a LT who had a torrid rookie year and we still don't know if he'll progress and our backfield is heavily reliant on a rookie producing more in the NFL than he ever did in college.

I'd say the secondary actually looks strong with lots of options and when Nevin Lawson and Trayvon Mullen are battling for the #4 CB spot it's a great sign. We have a great mix of players at safety IMHO. WR could be great, and Antonio Brown I'm confident will be a great player for us with his professionalism and work ethic but Williams will have to perform and Renfrow, Grant or Nelson will have to step up so there could be a drop off behind Brown. Dt has some decent vets in Ellis and Hankins and some decent potential in Hall and Hurst. 





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