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Team Needs

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Trying to get some info from the forum field. 

What are your team needs as of right now. 

In order would be preferred. 


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From an outside perspective that's still pretty well-informed on the matter:

- OT (likely a need even if Forrest Lamp succeeds at RT; Okung is going to need a successor sooner than later, Tevi isn't more than a swing-tackle, and Lamp's ceiling is still likely higher at OG if a high-end OT prospect could be had to come in apprentice at RT and move over when Okung retires)

- C (more of a mid-tier need, as Pouncey still has some time left in him, both in contract - I believe? - and durability, but Quessenberry is a total unknown and probably an "error on the side of assume he's not more than depth" until he proves differently)

- QBotF (odds are that Rivers extends - it's either going to be extend or retire for him, and unless they can find themselves in a position to get a Mahomes-ian - similar ceiling, not a prospect clone - type QB prospect without giving up premium draft assets to trade up to get him, I feel like this team and this front office is far more likely to burn Day 3 picks annually hoping for a lottery ticket than go after the 2nd and 3rd round "also-rans" deemed not worthy of being 1st rounders by the rest of the league - or to mortgage multiple premium assets to move into the Top 2 once Rivers' retirement is definite - a la an Eagles-for-Wentz situation)

Other needs depending on how upcoming free agency shakes out:

- CB (likely, unless Trevor Williams gives a really team-friendly deal, he's likely going to fall into Tyrell Williams territory where he'll be worth more to another team than the Chargers will be willing to pay him given the other FA's being a higher priority)

- RB (see CB, but I think we can be confident at this point that Melvin Gordon isn't giving a team friendly contract; hopefully, Telesco realizes that he doesn't need to burn a 1st round pick on the position this time unless he's getting an elite prospect and opts to wait till Day 2).

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