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Sheldon Richardson Steal

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Total steal here. First of all, I don't like Kearse and believe he was going to be cut anyway. He did nothing special last year except getting penalized for pick plays.

Sheldon gives us that interior presence to blast the pocket and allowing Avril to go backside for strip sacks. It also leaves Bennett & Clark to knife inside.

Collapsing the pocket is the only way to contain Rodgers and even Ryan ate us up by stepping up into the pocket with their superior OL.

The time is NOW. The window is open. This is an INCREDIBLE move and trade. Keeps Wags clean to be a heat seeking missle, too. 

So what did we give up?  An inconsequential 2nd rd selection. Big deal. While it could be a rent a player as Sheldon is in the last year of his deal, the Hawks would get a 3rd rd

compensatory selection if/when he signs a big contract. What a steal. Rent a player of his caliber & only more down 1 rd in the draft!

STEAL because the time is NOW.  This D is going to be ferocious! LOVE IT !

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Giving up a second isnt much of any issue, as Schneider/Crew usually bomb 1-2 picks anyway. 


this move got me salivating thinking about that NASCAR package - > Clark - Richardson - Bennett - Avril. :D



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Ever since I started following thr Seahawks I wanted the Seahawks to get one of those top level pass rushing every down DT.

The Seahawks have now one of those players. The Kawann Shorts, Geno Akins, Calais Campbell, Muhammed Wilkerson type of freak presences inside, in an already loaded defensive environment.

Question is now: what if McDowell's injury is carreer threatening? Sheldon Richardson is the closest thing to Cortez Kennedy talent-wise this Franchise has had, if this guy dominates in a deep playoff run, and I think he'll probably do, should the Seahawks extend him?

I believe PC/JS have this intention, they've never threwn high picks in the equation without a long term plan and are trying to eat as much dead cap space they can now, so a big deal might be underway.

Graham 10m, Joeckel 8m, Sheldon Richardson 8m, coming off the books plus the smaller contracts such as Luke Willson, Eddie Lacy, Paul Richardson...

Can the Seahawks work out a way of extending two of those bigger contracts? I can see the merit in extending every single one of them except for Lacy.



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