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Space Jam Mafia: MONSTARS WIN!!!!


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Characters Ability
1. Michael Jordan Lynchproof OR Hit-Proof (??? times)
2. Bill Murray ?????
3. Charles Barkley ???? Vigilante
4. Patrick Ewing ???? Vigilante
5. Muggsy Bogues Lynchproof Maker (???? frequency)
6. Larry Johnson ??? frequency 1/2 vote lynch
7. Shawn Bradley ??????
8. Bugs Bunny Bus Driver (??? frequency Matchmaker)
9. Elmer Fudd ??????
10. Daffy Duck ?????
11. Tazmanian Devil Jailkeeper (??????)
12. Marvin the Martian ?????
13. Tweety Bird Doctor (???? frequency, can't choose ????)
14. Porky Pig Forgetful (Night 3 Reveal)
15. Foghorn Leghorn Bodgyguard
16. Sylvester Watcher (??? frequency)
17. Yosemite Sam ?????
18. Lola Bunny ??? frequency, vote carries a weight of +1
19. Mr. Swackhammer ??? shot Gladiator/Duelist
20. Wile E. Coyote ?????
21. Roadrunner ??? Frequency Untargetable from ???? night actions


Game Specific Rules (MUST READ BEFORE SIGN UP):
In order for your signup to count, you must send me a PM
ONLY scum/Monstars will get a PM or notification saying that they are scum. IF you don't get a PM/reply from me, you are TOWN/Tune Squad
Please refrain from interacting with dead players about the game until after the game is over
DRAFT specific layout/format/rules:
1. The draft order will be COMPLETELY RANDOM. You will be assigned a number. That number is the DRAFT order. The draft will be VIA PM/Closed draft style, but the big board will be updated throughout.
2. In your PM, you will be assigned a NUMBER. That number will determined your draft position (it will be randomized)
3. You will be informed IN THREAD (not tagged) that you are on the clock with the big board updated/announced after each pick
(I.E. #4 selects Mr. Swackhammer! *I then show the updated big board with names crossed off* #5, you are ON THE CLOCK)
4. You will have ONE HOUR or less to make your pick. If you are unavailble during the draft, you MUST get me a big board draft order and I will select off of your list.
5. Failure to make your pick within the window results in SKIPPING you (NFL Draft Rules) and going to the next number. At any point once you're passed, you may jump back in and pick a character before the next person picks
6. There may/will be some hidden mechanics in character abilities
General Rules and Housekeeping Items:
This game will be a semi open setup with a closed style draft and some possible hidden mechanics.
A lynch will be determined by the leading vote getter at deadline OR when a player has received votes equal to more than half the number of remaining players.
All moves must be PM'd to me by the player responsible for the move. I will NOT accept moves any other way. You may send me a list of prioritized targets if you will not be around and aren't sure who will still be in the game.
I will not accept any votes if they aren't bolded. It must also be your own post. Votes must not be hidden (ie white text).
Stay active. You must vote every day. Failure to do this twice will result in your death.
You MAY talk during night time, but no sharing night moves/results from PM until the writeup from me. My post will officially start night. I reserve the right to punish anyone who breaks this rule via modkill.
You may edit posts. Do not edit votes.
Once you die, you are allowed one post. You may not post anything game related.
Players cannot communicate with one another through any medium other than this thread, unless I specifically say they can. No exceptions. (Scum will have chatty)
In the event of a tie, there will be multiple lynches. No overtime!
Don't post PMs or screenshots of PMs. No exceptions. If you aren't sure of what is allowed, PM me. Failure to comply will result in your death.
I reserve the right to change/add rules at any time I see fit. You will be notified if this happens.
Have fun. This is just a game. Don't take things personally, don't make things personal, and don't violate any forum rules. It's pretty simple.
Any attempt to game the system, reenter a thread to clear someone, pull off a PM glitch/etc, or generally annoy me or anyone else will result in a modkill. I have the final say here.
You play for the TUNE SQUAD
During the draft portion of this game, you will select your character and abilities.
You win when you have eliminated all of the MONSTARS
You play for the MONSTARS
During the draft portion of this game, you will select your character and abilities.
Your partners are [redacted], [redacted], [redacted], and [redacted]. You may communicate with them here: [redacted]
You win when the MONSTARS control the majority of the voting.
Order of Actions: ??????????

You MUST send me a PM to play. So far only Pickle and Orca have. The list below, 8 of you still need to.

Please sign up. @Whicker is helping me cohost.

1. Nacho

2. Pickle

3. Orca

4. Touch

5. Swag: Bill Murray, Bill Murray Aligned

6. Counselor: Road Runner, 2 shot commuter, Tune Squad Aligned

7. Finn: Larry Johnson, 2 shot 1/2 vote lynch, Tune Squad Aligned

8. Dome: Porky Pig, 2 shot thief (starting N3), Tune Squad Aligned

9. BCB

10. Rackcs

11. Mission

12. MD4L

13. Mookie

14. Matts 

15. Squire 

16. Forge

17. Hockey5djh



1. Daffy Duck

2. Bill Murray

3. Charles Barkley

4. Patrick Ewing

5. Road Runner

6. Porky Pig

7. Tweety Bird

8. Foghorn Leghorn

9. Michael Jordan

10. Elmer Fudd

11. Bugs Bunny

12. Tazmanian Devil

14. Marvin the Martian

15. Sylvester

16. Mr. Swackhammer

17. Lola Bunny

13. Larry Johnson


P. 42 (End of Day 1/Lynch)

P. 43 (End of N1)

P. 43 (Start of D2)

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