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The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - CY Burnes, 2021 NL Central Champs


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Someone needs to get ejected today making sure Lance Barrett hears it. He's given the Cardinals like 6 called strike 3s on bad, bad locations. Meanwhile, he swallowed the K call when Woody painted the inside corner on Goldy and cost Woody another dozen or so pitches. Dude is a terrible ump. He's the new Angel Hernandez.

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33 minutes ago, titanrick said:

Can't wait for the automated strike zone to make it to the majors.  Hernandez was beyond awful last night.  Glad we mostly got the benefit of that but I think Schwarber was voicing the opinion of both dugouts.

IMO Schwarber had an all time meltdown there. Good on him for going after that joke of an ump. 

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On 4/30/2022 at 7:26 PM, beekay414 said:

Since when did Eric Lauer become a K guy? lol

We have a ridiculous rotation and have Ethan Small just chilling in AAA.

I was somewhat worried when Derek Johnson left that he would take the magic with him but we've only gotten better under Hook. 

How's the Grisham trade looking now, after so many declared it a Padre win?

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