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The Milwaukee Brewers Thread - CY Burnes, 2021 NL Central Champs


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Cut Suter and he got claimed by Colorado. Between protecting Singleton, trading for Payton Henry back, electing not to keep Box and Suter around over $3 Million each and the talks of trading Renfroe due to his expected arb hit and Wong just further shows that we're cutting costs wherever we can. 

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Our bullpen options are Devin Williams and a bunch of unproven pieces with Adrian Houser as SP6 or trade bait (him or Lauer).

Matt Bush
Jake Cousins
Lucas Erceg
Javy Guerra
Trevor Kelley
JC Mejia
Tyson Miller
Hoby Milner
Cam Robinson
Peter Strzelecki
Justin Topa
Abner Uribe

This is gonna be ugly

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The blind faithful really believe we're making these moves to extend Burnes and/or Woodruff lmao. It's really kinda ridiculous that Mark A has such goodwill with these types of people when he didn't even remotely go anywhere near all in to win a World Series while his pitching staff was cheap. 

I got people over on Brewer Fanatics trying to tell me common knowledge (Mark A being majority shareholder and not being a sole owner and that our OD payroll was a record for us despite being nearly bottom 3rd in baseball). Just blind homers there and it makes posting annoying because if you're not a Mark butt sniffer, you're ostracized lol. Lame *** forum.

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