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Vikings CB Holton Hill suspended *Another* 4 Games


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So that's half the season for a sophomore player who was a UDFA.  It been a little over 3 months since the first suspension was handed down.  Spielman, just cut the kid loose, he's clearly not interested in holding up his end of responsibility.  At this point he's just as replaceable with the two other Texas CB's on the roster (Boyd and Johnson).

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Guess we know why he fell so hard in the 2018 draft to UDFA status.  The weed policy is dumb and rightfully under review in the next CBA to be removed.  But it’s the rule of law in the current CBA.   And it’s separate from the PED policy penalty wise.

To get suspended unless you get arrested you need to have 4 positive tests.   That’s ridiculous to accumulate that in 1 year along with the PED hit.  


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Yeah, he's just another one who isn't going to realize he's going to throw everything away until its too late. He's not going to learn by staying on the team and waiting for his suspensions to end. I think he needs cut to better understand the harm he's doing to his career.

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