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2019 Atlanta Falcons Thread

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Really tough break (no pun intended).  It was only against DEN 2nd string D but our D was overwhelming the ATL 2nd string OL - and Benkert looked really good.  Quick reads, good pocket awareness and great anticipation / ball placement in the face of continuous pressure.  Exactly the type of progress you want to see from “project” QB’s.  Sadly the pressure got to him and it looked like the big toe fractured (or bad turf toe injury).     

Matt Schaub was his usual awful self in the exact same setting.   If Ryan went down and Benkert was the backup the O would still have a chance.  No way with Schaub.  Really tough luck there.  


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On 3-8-2019 at 12:12 AM, CWood21 said:

You'd have to assume he was waiting for Michael Thomas to sign, so he could beat that deal.  Thoughts on what kind of deal?

@GSUeagles14 @scar988 @freeman+coleman @swoosh @DutchFalcon @skhurst0398 @FalconFan13 

Blank seems to be really intent on making Julio a Falcon for life. I'm a bit afraid we'll overpay concidering Julio's age and give him a deal thats for to many years.
Problem is you can't really give him a many year deal thats comperatively cheap cause he might just hold out after one or two years.

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