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Overall thoughts on the offseason and preseason

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Free agency: grade B+. The Seahawks saw the weakness of the Draft class in terms of OL and addressed that through the FA. Nice diagnose/anticipation. Could be an straight A if we landed TJ Lang long term.

- Joeckel looks like someone that is going to solidify the interior of our OL. He projects to slightly above average at left guard (given his tape last season and this preseason), and now we have at least two of those (the other is Britt) in our OL, which is a better place to start than last season.

- Eddie Lacy has done a good job bringing his weight down and he is one of the best runners after contact in the league. He fits well in Seattle, definitely.

- Bradley McDougald is gonna be a great contributor in Seattle, he is a stsrting quality safety.

- Oday Aboushi was someone to compete with Glowinski, and he might have outplayed Glow by a slight margin. Let's see how this plays out, but I honestly prefer Glow's current chemistry with Britt, upside and an extra year of club control.


Rookies: A.

- The Seahawks is going to get a lot of heat for this, but man, what the **** the lack of luck the Seahawks is getting with their first picks are notable. Harvin ****ups, Richardson's injuries, Graham injury and now McDonald's state.

Shaquill Griffin, Delano Hill and Chris Carson might be beasts in the making. Griffin is the rawest of them but his upside is imo Marcus Peters-like. Hill amd Carson are yet to show me something I dislike about. Griffin and Carson should be pushing for a starting spot by the end of the regular season.

Ethan Pocic and Nazair Jones looks the part of two really solid players for years to come. Pocic is a real threat to Ifedi's starting job.

The cutting of Kasen Williams and trading of Jermaine Kearse together makes a scenario where we can only believe how much credit Darboh has with the FO. Waiting anxiously to see his healthy form.

Tedric Thompson and Mike Tyson didn't look good in the preseason.


Training camp and overall preseason talks:

Always nice to see this defense healthy.

George Fant was arguably our best looking OL before that devastating injury. Huge bummer. This guy worked so hard and looked so promising

Ifedi looks legit in run blocking but still looks bad as a pass blocker. Way too passive with his hands and he should improve otherwise Pocic might come for his job in solid shape.

The interior OL is the best chance we got to field a close to an average OL. Joeckel, Britt and Glow/Aboushi looks the part of a decent OL, which is the sufficient for this team to be a SB contender.

Bass beat Marsh handily.

Rawls and Prosise were banged, unfortunately, no surprise here. Lacy, Carson and McKissic are the winners of this situation. Tre Madden looked fine in the preseason and looks like one of the best FB prospects in the league.

I expected a better showing of improvement of Reed. He still thinks the NFL is CFB by the way he tries to single arm tackle backs. The Seahawks need him to look better long term. I was surprised by how bad Rubin looked this preseason.

The receivers look good. Baldwin and Graham are by far the best Wilson has ever had. Richardson and Lockett should be really strong complementary pieces when healthy. I'm a fan of McEvoy and Darboh's probably gonna be redshirted unless he grinds his way to playing time and succeeds when given opportunities.

LB depth showed up this preseason.

Russell Wilson looks like the best he's ever been, and looks like a front runner for the MVP award.



Sheldon Richardson puts this team over the top. Now the Seahawks has arguably the best DL, LB corps and secondary in the league. It'll be interesting to watch this defense in comparison to 2013 defense, given how stacked and deep we look now.

Decent moves to add depth at LT (the averagy average Tobin) and the CB group (Coleman, who is liked by PFF and has experience with the way the Seahawks play the pass), and recoup some of the picks lost via trade (Cassius Marsh deal which brought back a 7th and gave us a 5th). Also, the Jets 7th round pick is essentially a 6th comp pick.


Final 53:

We should see some moves in the 53 man roster before the season premiere. No way they'll go into the season with just 3 DTs, 5 CBs and 10 OL. In relation to the DT situation, they're not only rhin, but also light, with no one over 310lbs.

I think at least one OL will be cut and maybe one LB. Madden will have a chance to play in one or two regular season games before the make the call between him or Reece. I'm rooting for Madden as the cheaper, younger option with more upside and club control.

The Seahawks assembled probably the best, arguably the deepest roster in the league, and it's crazy to think this could be an even better roster with McDowell and Fant.




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Nice write up.  I keep thinking back to George Fant and how unfortunate his injury is.  As you stated, Fant was the best looking offensive lineman on the team.  I really believe the Seahawks are a championship caliber team this season, but the offensive line is an even bigger question mark without Fant.

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